Paul Darrow RIP

I’m very sad today to hear that one of my childhood heroes Paul Darrow has passed away. He was most memorably known for the extraordinary character of Kerr Avon in Blakes 7 which for me became one of the most iconic roles in sci-fi.

Blessed with matinee idol looks, one of the finest voices in movie history and a delivery, wit and gravitas that rendered his brilliantly scripted character eternal.

I shall treasure my signed copy of his autobiography even more now though remain sad that I never got to meet the man to thank him for all the pleasure he gave to millions.

RIP Paul, I hope that on the other side you are aboard the most powerful ship in the galaxy and cruising the cosmos.

I found a wonderful compendium of clips which demonstrate his mesmerising talent:


Lots of wonderful wit and repartee in this clip:


I think the character Avon as played by Paul Darrow was a superb one.

But one of my most enduring memories of him as a actor was not as Avon in Blakes’ Seven, but the Hamlet cigar advert with him as Christopher Columbus - but very much the same character.


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