Paul Simon Concert rediscovered

More than six years after moving house I finally got around to opening the box marked cassette tapes and also containing a JVC KD-D30 deck. I wasn’t expecting much but I managed to get the deck wired to my computer audio input and almost randomly picked out a cassette to try. It turned out to be a live concert recorded from BBC Radio a very long time ago ( 1980s?) with a top quality performance by Paul Simon. This will be added to my digital collection and now I’ve got the task of going through all the tapes looking for more gems!


One of my favourite tapes from the Beeb is the highlights from Monterey (maybe available commercially, I don’t know) where Paul sounds completely stoned - very funny. ‘I was walking across the 59th St bridge in New York and it was one of those times when you knew you weren’t going to feel tired for at least an hour…’ :slightly_smiling_face:

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