Peel Acres on Radio 6

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BBC Radio 6 has a new show on Sundays at 13:00 where Tom Ravenscroft invites musicians to Peel Acres to have an exploration of his dad’s massive record collection, 26,000 LPs, 40,000 Singles and a few thousand CDs. It is available to listen to on BBC sounds if you missed it.
The first episode with Damon Albarn was interesting, had some great music and I definitely will be listening to each episode.


Thanks for the “heads up”.
I’m definitely tuning in to that…

Nice article on bbc news channel if you search Tom Ravenscroft Peel acres.

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That sounds interesting. I was a massive fan of Uncle John. I wrote to him once, in 1980, asking him to play something for me. I was at uni and living in Brynsiecyn on Anglesey. He wrote back, and after telling me he didn’t do requests, which I should of course have realised, he said how as Gunner Ravenscroft, he was stationed just down the road from Brynsiencyn while doing his national service. What a lovely thing to do.


The BBC have said it is over 120k albums……perhaps its £126k albums……mind blowing amount either way.

I got my figures from the Virgin Media channel guide, so I expect the figure on the BBC website is the correct one. I wonder if John Peel kept all the demos people sent in and if so, are they included in the total?

I know he had personal comments on some lp sleeves from artists like Marc Bolan, Bowie etc when they sent in new albums. He also filed them chronologically…….when they were sent in to him. Amazing collection.

Not sure I want a curated version of the Peel collection. The peak shows were wonderful, chaotic, meandering but also remarkably and consistently enjoyable. What I wanted/needed from Peel I already have musically. I’d rather listen to him.

John Peel opened the door to wild and strange music for so many of us.

A couple of links of interest:

There are a fair number of taped off air recordings, eg


The Festive fifty archives through the years are a treat for the best of what our John did.
Just going through my Bang Bang Machine collection.
Thinking about starting an “Alien Sex Fiend” collection ?


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