Pending Qb 2 remote

Defeating me.
There is a, now closed, topic from October 2020 - suggesting pressing the Naim ‘smile’, producing a click and allowing the remote to open.
I cannot get a click, however hard I press. I assume the smile end of the smaller section of the remote should depress, allowing the bottom end to rise and and slide over the front part of the remote. Correct?
Ideas welcome. I am scared of breaking/damaging the #&@£%* thing.

You’re not the only one! A few have reported the same issue here. Some have been able to open them by pressing hard in the right place, but mine refuses to budge. Naim assure me that they’ll replace it if I break it while trying to open it, which I almost certainly would, although I never really use the thing.

I jam a fingernail in the gap between the two parts. Works for me.

If I do that to mine, it just bends inwards. Trying to slide the cover back causes the whole thing to bend quite alarmingly, but there’s no sign of it wanting to unhitch itself.

Thank you for the responses.
Guess this may be a case of small tolerances making a difference. I will keep pushing, prying, etc. and, hopefully, it will shift eventually. And if it breaks… well, I am sure I can manage without it and/or press Naim for a replacement.

This is what it looks like inside. You need something thin to push the central hook down. I think I used the round end of a nail file the first time I did it. Once it has opened a few times it gets easier.

Very helpful to see what I am aiming for. Thank you.

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