Perfect speakers to NDX 2 + Supernait 3?

There are demos of Twenty5 26 for sale here. Wonder if a Supernait 3 manages to drive them well or if its better with a smaller one…

Maybe this is a more reasonable option for a Supernait 3, even if the room would benefit from a ProAc D48 better?

I was fortunate that my dealer had a pair for me to have a home demo. After running a lot of music through them for about 10 days I decided that they would work fine for me. I had ProAc D2’s previously with a ND5XS and NAIT XS 2 and enjoyed them so moving up the ProAc ‘Response’ line was a place I felt very comfortable with.

Hopefully you find the right match for your system/room.

Good luck and enjoy the discovery process. It is worth the time…

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Hmm, let me see,

  1. Easy to drive

  2. Ability to provide music in a large room

  3. Elegant (to my eye) to fit into your beautiful room

  4. Omni directional (almost)

I would like to suggest the Pure Audio Project: Trio 15 Classic

At 8ohm and 94Db sensitivity this Open Baffle speaker is easy to drive, the sound is effortless and with there being no box to constrain the music it appears to be emanating from everywhere … my room, at about 50m2 appears to be smaller than yours, but my impressions are these speakers could well fit into much larger rooms.

Just liberated from their boxes.


Speakers used with a Supernait:

Dynaudio Special 40.
Spendor A7
PMC twenty 25 6
Proac D30
Totem Forrest Signature
Kudos 606
Royd Prior
Dynaudio Evoke 50
Spendor A7
PMC 25 23
Neat Motive SX2
and probably other…

@YetiStockholm, I hope this will helps you.


Thank you! Did you mean PMC Twenty26, this one:

Sorry, I should have written: PMC twenty 5.26

I just went into a supernait thread, at the beginning you have all the members involved in the thread. Then I click on their profile and see which speakers they use with their Supernait 2 or 3.
The SN3 is a bit less powerful vs the SN2, from what I read often here. So it must be taken into account.
The problem also is that you have a very big room. So it complicates the choices.
Perhaps you will need to add a subwoofer.


I think some people on this thread are under estimating the abilities of the SN3. My room size is 7m x 5m and I rarely go past quarter to nine. I’ve used it up to twelve o’clock and filled the room and the close outside with sound.
I use Evoke 50 speakers which don’t need a sub.
Get a home demo of the white gloss Evoke 50 and you’ll be happy with the power of the SN3 and appreciate that you won’t need a sub. You may prefer other speakers sound but you’ve At least limited your choice solely to just speakers.
I’ve a hunch you won’t be disappointed with the sound or price of the Evoke 50 and their style in white gloss will blend in nicely with your very attractive lounge.

I’ve long been a fan of dynaudio, but have never owned a pair. TBH - despite buying and selling audio equipment for 40+ years, I don’t think I’ve owned more than 6 different speakers. Any way, I would certainly audition the evoke 50’s they are a reasonably priced (well for this forum) up to the minute design from dynaudio and I think they would pair well and work in a larger room (within limitations). The other I would look for are totem. I think both offer good vfm and sound very good - although the usual home audition is best holds true.

Look at the room of the OP. It’s probably 100 m2.

The Close outside my house is bigger. The SN3 will have no problem filling that room with an excellent sound. I’ve heard the SN3 demonstrated in a bigger room by Naim and there was no problem.
I have the same set up as the poster but with Evoke 50 speakers.
I would advise getting a three way speaker and forget about subs as I believe they are detrimental to the overall sound. Subs belong in cinemas.


So it’s promising for the OP. However, for now, his SN3 is unable to drive correctly the MBL speakers and fill the room.
Maybe 252/300…

My SN2 fills 90 sqm fine, you just need system balance :sunglasses:


I had temporarily, in home demo, the SN3 with my ProAc K6, and it did not finish working, but only because the amplifier lacked some power and current delivery for my room dimensions, larger than yours, so I can appreciate, especially in terms of height.

In my opinion, if you don’t think change the electronics and are really determined to change the speakers, I would try the Response D48, also the Spendor D9.2 and the PMC Fact 8. For me the most musical and all round are the ProAC, I find the PMCs more analytical, too, and the Spendors with too much emphasis on bass, in addition to less adaptable to all kinds of music; in any case, it is rather a matter of tastes and synergy with the room.

Good Luck.

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i’m surprised that no one seems to be using the kef reference models with naim gear.

i have some kef ref 1s waiting on me at home (they’ve been waiting for more than a month now). would a supernait 3 be a good match or would i need a 250dr to get them humming?

right now i have a parasound a21 that i’m going to use first, but am concerned the combo will be a bit laid back. fyi – my room is about 3m x 5m

The thread is not about all speakers really which can match the SN.
More: what’s the best choice for a system using MBL 126 speakers, with SN3, in a very big room ( around 100m2).
Change the speakers, or the electronics?


wow – thanks for the help.

I didn’t know you had read the beginning…Sometimes people see quickly a title and respond.
So I thought you were one of those.
I wonder if you will forgive me. :pray:

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Audio physic Codex are amazing with Naim.

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This thread only leads to one conclusion, the SN is a great piece of gear. 30 something replies and this much options of different speakers were suggested. Now being an owner of the second generation of the amp myself, I can share my experience using it with DALI Rubicon 2 stand mounts. Some may say not a popular combo, but it sounds pretty fine to me, ABd them with PMC20.22 and prefer the DALIs still.

Now may be we should add to the first conclusion one more - speaker choice is a matter of taste and if you find yours they will most probably sound “right” with that piece of equipment. System balance to be considered as well.