Perfect speakers to NDX 2 + Supernait 3?

I think I’ve lost yours too; Is it possible that at some point we have lost the thread of the conversation…?

You forgive me, it is one of the problems of communicating in 5 different languages. It’s already edited.

Don’t believe it; only if the room is very large and they are required to play very loud. Finally, as you often reproach, I have experienced it, you have not.

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in my limited (and expensive) experience I have learnt that your amp needs to have complete authority over your speakers, anything less and you are liable to be dissatisfied


That’s said, it didn’t work well enough to stop you swapping it for something with more power.

You are very stubborn and persistent, perhaps because you do not understand my writen English well, perhaps because you like to be repeated with your same insistence, or perhaps because you like to always say the last word; in any case it’s your problem…

For my part I will repeat it to you just one more time, to see if this is clear to you: my direct experience tells me that SN2/SN3 and ProAc K6 is no any “mullet”, only that, in fact, the amplifier lacks, rather than the power required, the current delivery needed to control the speakers in all circumstances, and consequently, in that combination it is not at the height in large rooms or with very high listening volumes (from 80 dB); out of those conditions, the tandem is exquisite enough not to need anything else.



AP is a decent shout. They are known for their imaging and will get you some of the way to recreating the 3d sound of the MBL’s. The Codex however really needs a 282/250 as a minimum to do them justice. The Avanti would be better suited on a SN3 but you’ll need a sub in a large room. The finishes they offer would really compliment aesthetically too.

I’d contend the OP doesn’t have a mullet, there’s nought wrong with his source, in fact your nait driving SBLs is a similar mismatch, except in that case you can get away with it (I’ll have to take your word for that, a Nait 5, my first Naim nearly put me off Naim for good, for a similar reason that I disliked of the original supernait). The NDX2/XPS2 will take a considerable amp upgrade and it would seem the speakers might need it, if there is a home demo culture in Sweden it’s a question with an obvious answer, albeit with the potential to cost a packet but if not the amp than the speakers will cost anyway.


Hi Yeti.
I wouldn’t change anything in your uber cool listening space, but go and buy yourself a BIG integrated high quality amp delivering the power/ grunt to drive those speakers. Maybe Hegel or Gryphon would fit the bill for you. You haven’t mentioned, what music you play nor required SPL, but to me only a Nap 500 will be able to deliver a reasonable sound level with such an inefficient speaker in such a big listening space also, and again this would leave you needing a Naim Pre. In other words cost is mounting and in that very sleek Scandinavian interior the last thing you want is too many boxes. Good luck Peter

@YetiStockholm, If you are encouraged to change the integrated amplifier, something that also seems most reasonable to me, do not discard the Musical Fidelity NuVista 600, hybrid, double monophonic, 200 W in 8 Ohms and 400 W in 4 Ohms, and with an endless current delivery; it seems like a pure wonder to me, and I rarely need to go up 80 dB with it. If you think it may not be enough, think in the NuVista 800, same configuration with more current delivery and 300 W at 8 Ohms and 600 W in 4 Ohms. An integrated in the Hegel, Gryphon, Mark Levinson or Accuphase level, but much more accessible.


I’m not sure if the room dimensions have been listed before; in any case, I’m using Obelisks in our living room that is about 54m2 and they are great. I have not tried them on my NaitXS (yet) but my 252/2300 is sounding rather good. I know the Obelisks are not very hard to drive and I bought them from a Swedish dealer (living in Amsterdam).

I have them in oak, but they look fabulous in white. Have a quick google. They sound awesome too :slight_smile:

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When I was having my system installed issues with the amp (300DR) led to it being swapped out for a 250DR. Whilst my dealer was sorting things out he left in place, wired up to my new K6s, the SuperUniti being replaced, purely so I could have some music. Whilst nowhere near as good as the 250DR/555PS combo, it certainly was no hardship to listen to. The speakers still sounded fantastic, just not as good as they eventually were with the new system.

There really is a load of rubbish written about ‘Mullet systems’.


Thank you, I live just outside Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you for all your input and advice. The knowledge here is impressive. Reading all your comments can also make it feel impossible to do a good choice – there always seem to be a better option.

So today, I spent the day arranging a blindfolded test of a collection of speakers, all connected to a Supernait 3 with power supply. I didn’t want to be biased by looks, brands and read reviews.

I managed to collect and compare a range of speakers in a price rangin from €7.000 to €10.000 for mostly new but a couple of slightly used ones. The choice of models was based on price and availability but all were floor standing speakers with decent sensitivity (too many numbers to write all correct model names). Here are my very personal impressions:

Dynaudio: Correct and boring.

Sonus Faber: Confined and formal

B&W: Bumpy and slow

PMC: Fun but not good enough.

Fyne Audio: Covered with quilt

Audiovector: Delicate and bright

Riadho: Relaxing and distant

Marten: Capable and balanced

Apertura: Sensitive and close

Wilson Benesch: Distinct and musical

To sum up – the two last ones where a class ahead of the crowd. The Apertura is less expensive but the Wilson Benesch is brilliant. Now time to sleep before making the decision!


I hope one day I have a place like yours

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It’s amazing because I have very similar tastes to you. At that time I also was hesitating between Wilson Benesch and Apertura. However it was easier to test in better conditions the Apertura. But I could have chosen the former.
Sonus Faber would be in my radar too, but they need a lot of power to really express themselves. But great match with Naim , for me too.( like Apertura and Wilson Benesch).
Apertura need very careful positioning. If not, they can sound average.


Why didn’t I see it Neat & Kudos? :slight_smile:

I understood that he could only try the speakers which were available by the dealers.
It’s already a long list. Who can often try so many speakers at home?
It’s not easy.


Hello Yeti, may I ask which Sonus Faber you auditioned?
I am very much enjoying a combination of NDX2/SuperNait3 with Electa Amator III. The speakers needed some time to be broken in, and the sound changed significantly. Best, GN


Hello, they were Olympico III

They need a nap 300 dr to really open themselves.