Perfect speakers to NDX 2 + Supernait 3?

Will the SN3 drive the Titan 606? Would that be an enjoyable combination?

My wife wants to know if you let out your apartment on AirBnB for weekend stays? :smile:


No, I don’t! But you’re welcome to visit if you’re in Sweden!



Lovely view that you have.

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How you finding the new speakers so far?

The Airbnb picture is not up to date. Ask your wife if she likes Wilson Benesh speakers, before reserving. :rofl:


A brief update to all people that helped me.

After having had the Wilson Benesch speakers for some time I got a chance to change my Supernait 3 with power supply to a combination of separates available here. So today was my first day with a NAC 252 with SuperCap and a NAP 250 DR – and of course the sound fills the room in a different way. Deeper and still more relaxed – and to be honest, what these fantastic speakers needed.

The bad thing about it is of course that moving up the Naim ladder costs a fortune. The good thing is that the system feels balanced now and I won’t even think of changing anything for a long time.


Nice update, to the story and the system! Enjoy.


In the US a SN3/HiCap DR = $7480.00
a NAC 252/SuperCap DR/NAP 250 DR = $25,370.00

A great turnaround from the opening questions of finding the “Perfect speakers to NDX 2 + Supernait 3?”

to … finding the “Perfect Pre amp, Power Supply and Power Amp” for the Wilson Benesch speakers!

A very expensive journey and I hope you have years of enjoyment with your new HiFi!



Haha … yes, of course … there are lots of us on the forum who may have said that before … good luck with that one …


I love a happy ending …

Indeed, famous last words… :rofl:

Fact 8 should be biamped, PMC 25.25 really need a 250, this is why you give the result in your findings. IMHO.


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