Periodic loss of left channel via rca with NDX

I’m having an odd issue with my NDX. Output is through din and rca simultaneously (I have a zone two with another amp in the same rack) and whenever I change the input on my ndx the left channel on the ndx is lost only with the rca out. When I power the unit off and back in again it corrects itself for whatever Input I choose until I change to another. Anyone have thoughts on what might be happening? Firmware problem? Something else?

Sounds like a faulty relay in the NDX to me, but I don’t actually know how the circuitry is arranged around rca and din outputs switching, so I could be wrong.



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Same ones used in other products maybe? Mentioned here

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Yes, definitely…they were chosen based on SQ, now they have a problem after having used them for ages.

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Thanks for this info folks I think you’re right this is likely a faulty relay based on what I’m reading. Hopefully not an expensive fix. I’ll be following up with Naim.



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