Perspex cover?

I seem to recall earlier discussion of perspex covers for turntables. Does anyone know of an outfit here in the UK which can make perspex covers to bespoke dimensions for a similar purpose?

Yes, Lasacryl Ltd. They did mine to my dimensions. You’ll have to do an internet search also known as Widdowsons Ltd.

For my first hifi cabinet, nade from 30mm thick teak (old laboratory worktop), I made my own Perspex TT lid (I think it was Perspex then, not another brand of acrylic): with timber on 3 sides it only needed a single bend, for which I used an electric bar heater to soften and bend the 6mm pale brown tinted Perspex. Making a 5-sided half-box type lid is of course more complex and beyond the scope of DIY.

I found Sora Shop dot com to be very good and inexpensive.

Best regards, BF

Thank you all!

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