Peter Alliss

Peter Alliss, the legendary BBC golf commentator, has hung up his clubs for the last time.
He will be sorely missed throughout the golf world, his knowledge of the game & especially the humour that he always bought into his commentary are legendary.

Go well Peter & thanks


I just loved his voice, something comforting about it.
R.I.P Peter

Just read the news on the BBC site. He will be sadly missed. Knowledgable, entertaining and not afraid to speak his mind. I have to say that when I heard his commentary on the masters he didn’t sound himself. I’m sure he will be enjoying a round or 2 upstairs!

“The game lends itself to fantasies about our abilities.”
– Peter Alliss

A gent and a scholar, he will be sadly missed.

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What a shame his golf knowledge and commentary was second to none in fact he was the voice of golf for a generation, RIP Peter

Indeed. Falling asleep in front of the telly just won’t be quite the same. RIP Peter Alliss.


Sad news indeed, he was very witty and dry in his commentaries RIP

I do feel sorry for the neighbours of the recently departed golfing legend.
They will never get used to not living next door to Alliss.

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Great commentator. Extremely knowledgeable and witty.

I can remember my Dad telling me he went to watch Alliss play at Ferndown, I think it was. Must have been the early 50s.

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