Peter Blake Exhibition London until 23 July

Peter Blake is 90 and still working. He has a show at Waddington gallery, Cork Street. I’ve always enjoyed his work, so I’ll make the effort to see it, if I can. He produced the Sgt Pepper album cover, but also a vast body of work. He taught Ian Drury at the RCA and many more.
His exhibition is based on Dylan Thomas’s play for voices, Under Milk Wood.


Love his stuff. Haven’t got any but have often trawled ‘t internet for screen prints. I think it’s only a matter of time before one if hanging on my wall. I particularly like the Paris series.

Thanks for the info.

You are most welcome. I have only books, nothing hanging on the wall. But I’ll see what I can afford.

Jonathan Jones can have some eccentric preferences, but an interesting Guardian Interview with Blake which describes his favourite music choices.

Thanks for the link, enjoyed reading the article and enjoyed viewing his work.

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I admire that he can draw naturalistically as well as make collage and the pop art material.

Just love the photo his work “Craze … Dylan Thomas by Peter Blake (2013)” in the Guardian article you posted.

Me too! There’s real character of Dylan there, even though it must have been worked up from photographs. There was a phase of discouraging naturalistic drawing and painting in certain art schools, but I have always admired painters who can do this. It’s an illusion, as I’ve never see Dylan Thomas in real life either.

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Blake portrait of Michael Eavis.

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Much to admire the body of peters work.
Often overlooked alongside his contemporaries.
Hockney always takes centre stage, whilst Blake is often seen as the shallow usurper in the canon wedge of privileged White Boomer Brit Boys.

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Is this one in the London show ?

I’ve not seen the show yet, but it features 180 recent works focussed on Dylan Thomas’s ‘Under Milk Wood’. I think the picture you have here comes from the 1970s Brotherhood of British Ruralists group of which Blake was a member with his first wife Jann Haworth. Blake, Haworth and David Inshaw left this group in the 1980s.
There was a Blake retrospective in 2007, but I imagine there could well be another.

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