Peter Breuninger RIP

Sad News, I only found out yesterday that Peter Breuninger of AV Showrooms had passed away on the 13th June 2022.

I see that no one had posted anything on the Naim forum and I’m sure there are other forum members that maybe also didn’t know.

I always enjoyed watching his Youtube video’s on HiFi/Audio show reports and home demo’s.

Message bellow from his wife Terry:

"Dear Audio Industry and Audio Enthusiasts, It is with infinite sadness in which I share the news that my beloved husband, Peter Breuninger, the founder of AV Showrooms, has passed away.

Peter was a vigilant statesman for the high-end audio industry for many years working with Stereophile and The Absolute Sound prior to founding AV Showrooms.

In addition, he started and ran the Philadelphia Audio Society in the 1980’s, promoting new products for manufacturers and spreading awareness to both new and seasoned enthusiasts.

At all audio shows in the USA and abroad Peter was a constant proponent of the manufacturers, distributors, and audiophiles.

AV Showrooms has a library of over 3000 HD videos and over 30 million views. This volume of videos represents the largest number of high-end audio videos from any source in the world.

AVShowrooms has become the go-to place for customers to see and hear products they are interested in and our high-definition videos have been great sales tools for all of AVShowrooms’ clients for many years.



Terry Eringi-Breuninger

AV Showrooms"


My condolences. I did not know Peter well, but I read a lot of his writing and always thought of him as one of the good guys. My one ‘personal’ encounter was Enron he bought an OG Lyra Lydian from me on Agon, and we had a long back and forth about how much we both loved Koetsus, even if they weren’t exactly ‘accurate’. He will be missed. RIP.

My sincerest condolences to his entire family.

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Seems I haven’t yet earned next day editing privileges. That’s supposed to say ‘when’, not ‘Enron’.

Freakin’ Siri…!

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