Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac

Would anybody have any recommendations for the best LP version of this album, please?


Music on Vinyl (Netherlands) recently reissued this, and they do a pretty good job. New copies are widely available.

UK first mono pressing is pretty good.

Now bought. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let us know how it sounds!

Will do.:slight_smile:

That’s fascinating - I wondered why the label isn’t blue. I bought the record when it was released and mine has the blue label and doesn’t say mono, although it is. It looks from Discogs that they were variants of the first pressing. The version I have is A1/B1 and (according to Discogs) yours is A2/B1 but seems rarer.

I remember when it was released and being astonished how it suddenly started selling lots of copies and people who I am sure had never heard of John Mayall or Peter Green turned up with it.

Anyhow I will also be interested in hearing how the MoV version is.


@CliveB It’s just the light, Clive. The label is a light indigo blue. I don’t know how rare it is and it is indeed A2/B1.

Sorry to go on, but I’m still intrigued. There seems to be a difference in colour on the Discogs photos. What I think is your version, with that run-out, looks like this, which is very like your photo:

This is my version from Discogs:

Otherwise they seem identical - the stereo version has an S in front of the catalogue number, but on the first version only on the run-out, it seems.

I’m going to listen to it now!

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Mine is the same colour as your second photo. Most of those photos on discogs are crap. Don’t lose any sleep over it.:sunglasses:

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Sounds great. Good pressing, very little surface noise.

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