Pfizer - Comirnaty

Just for info as it confused the heck out of me:

“The name is coined from Covid-19 immunity, and then embeds the mRNA in the middle, which is the platform technology, and as a whole the name is meant to evoke the word community,” Scott Piergrossi, Brand Institute president of operations and communications, said.

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So obscure I got the name wrong :man_facepalming:

Whatever did happen to the old thread?

Thanks for the info! That’s interesting.

My wife was the first to get it. I though what the heck did you just get when I first say the name LOL

Then I had to facepalm myself for thinking it would be called the Pfizer Vaccine, which would probably refer to any number of compounds.

At least by the time I went I knew what it was called and now, thanks to your post, I know why!

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It just confused me when I went for the booster (3rd) as I don’t remember that name from 1st and 2nd doses but could be wrong!

Oh was on both my first and second as well as my wife’s.

Quite likely, just may have not noticed on the provided documentation :+1:

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I think this is following the branding kiddies rather than the science. Pfizer will drop it when their share price tanks.

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Like it!

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If you look at your NHS app vaccination record the Pfizer entries have been changed to Cominarty retrospectively. Lots of people receiving boosters have been getting a bit worried about what they were getting/had. All third booster doses are Pfizer mRNA vac (Cominarty), whatever you had first time around.


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Try saying ‘community’ in a strong Newcastle accent.


There you have it.



My NHS app still says Pfizer/Biontech……

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Ours changed a week or so ago. Perhaps you have a slow Web connection? :grin:

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Only 200 Mbps download admittedly….

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