Phase on power input mains of each Naim Component

Does someone know if the phase for the powercord input is always on the same side (with Naim)? And if it is left or right (seen from the back side of the component)?


Absolutely YES, its an ISO configuration.
And its called polarity, not phase (phase is something else altogether but I know the word is commonly used in some parts of Europe)

A picture tells a thousand words

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It’s consistent with Naim power leads (either standard or Power Line).
Something that cannot be said of many ‘exotic’ cables, which unfortunately tend to be all over the place.
One thing - with Shucko-type mains plugs in Europe one always needs to check the polarity (or phasing as it may be referred to).

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Musicline marked the positive on the Shucko plug of the Naim mains lead that they supplied, which was a help.

Either way, a good induction pen is a handy and valuable tool to keep in the set up kit.

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Thanks a million :pray:. But now the real stupid question​:see_no_evil:. Should I have the light burning on the right or left Side of the plug (face to the opening of the plug, like the picture), when I measure it with the screwdriver (with the light)?

Ha Rick, This what I mean. As I understand from the picture of Mike B, the neutral of the Naim Socket should be the left Side. So I guess, that the side of the plug (from the powercord) wich lights up (with the measure pencil) has to be on the right side and going into left Side of the socket. So lighted Side plug into left Side socket.

Is it still understandable? :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:Sorry



Perfect, Cristal clear. Thank you very much :+1::pray::+1:

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