Phone Stage Upgrades

Hey all, long time since I posted.
I am wanting to upgrade my Phono Stage - Naim Stageline N - Rothwell SUT - Olive Hi-Cap into a 252/300 system. TT is a Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck with Space Arm and Dynavector DV3. ATC SCM-40 Speakers.

I’ve seen a McIntosh MP-100 and Plinius P100, Bel Canto e.One. Has any one had any thoughts about these stages or other recommendations? I don’t want any harshness or edginess. Difficult to audition at the moment and trying to narrow down the search. I was also thinking of an EAR/Yoshino Phono Box.

Advice appreciated.

I´d rather go with an Ampearl RE-2030 (LCR-Phono stage)

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I second that

The Phono Box has an excellent rep …although I haven’t heard one yet.

I sold my EAR868 and bought a Mofo Ultraphono as a stop gap, also designed by Tim de P. I am thoroughly enjoying it - bit of a bargain.


Latest DV p75 in Dr T mode has got to worth a go.


I had the Studiophono before, like the Ultraphono, but without “selected parts” and the headphone amp. Agree it’s good value, but no match for the Ampearl.

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I have Cyrus Phono Signature and PSXR2 power supply with my DV XX2 Mk2 and LOVE it.
So versatile. Highly recommended


totally! should be your first demo, i should think. Ryan Sound Lab also has a phono stage that’s excellent with Dynavectors and works in a similar way to the P75 in Dr. T mode.

i use a Dynavector SUP-200 step-transformer and a P75 mk. 4 in MM mode with Dyna XX-2 and 20x2L cartridges – another excellent option.

If this Trafomatic Luna LCR, Valve Phono Stage sounds half as good as it looks then it’s going to be special and though I cannot find a price online I suspect it’s going to be pricey.

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If you want some of the Naim signature but would like an alternative to the SuperLine then look into the Whest range. If you want a tube presentation, then Allnic has very capable entry level units that sound superb- not the typical tube sound. Another one to consider is the Tron Convergence- very high VFM with this unit. I have owned all of these brands with Dynavector …Good luck :slight_smile:

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The Whest is on my list. It does look good and has some good reviews. The WhestThree signature and the Two.2 look very good. Very subtle styling as well.I liked the look of McIntosh MP100 but is very expensive for me and not sure if the vinyl ripping feature is a gimmick

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I found a pricelist, 15.999 Euro.

In the context of your system you really shouldn’t ignore the Superline. Your NAC252/Supercap provides a dedicated feed (dedicated windings and regs) via the AUX2 to power it. It is up there amongst the very best at any price, will work brilliantly with your Dynavector DV3, and as you already have suitable power, must be seen as a great value choice too.


Hi Richard, I did think of the Superline but what worried me is that it is quite an old product now and I thought it had been neglected by naim while they concentrated on Amps/Streamers? I could be wrong about that but due to that I imagined that other manufacturers might have the edge. I may be worng about that too! I thought it might not give me as much as other contenders out there

No, it’s as good as ever (in Naim terms it’s still a very young product!) and still up there with the very best. Bear in mind that Martin Colloms wrote about it thus; “…what might well be Naimʼs greatest achievement to date, and one of the greatest moving coil preamps of all time.” These things don’t turn on their head over night.

You can read the whole review on Naim’s website here;

Thanks for that. I guess I’m being encouraged to stay in the Naim fold - it can be difficult to leave :grinning: I’ll add to my list

Do you know if it has had any revisions or development from the early years

It just makes a lot of sense for so many reasons, not least because you already have a wonderful supply for it from the NAC252/Supercap AUX2 (Which I prefer to dedicated Hicap) and in the context of your Naim system and your cartridge, it’s got to be a superb match.

IIRC, @JosquinDesPrez was in a similar place not that long ago, considering a top end phono stage. Could be worth reading those posts.

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I’m not aware of any to the actual head unit - of course there were the DR upgrades to the power supplies. It started out right…

Thanks for the advice Richard. I’ll do a search for the posts you referred too