Phono amp RCA cable update

Hi all
I use the Vertere Pulse D-Fi rca cable to connect the gold note ph-10 to xs2 , I’m planning to update the cable and there’re many choices as follow

  1. Tellurium Black II rca
  2. AudioQuest Victoria 5 Pin DIN - RCA
  3. Chord epic
  4. Tellurium ultra black

My speaker cable is tellurium black ll and my TT is Rega P10
I don’t know if it worth to go for ultra black ll or chord epic while my speaker cable is tellurium black ll ?
Any help is welcome
Thanks in advance

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Don’t skimp on this cable. It is the most important IC in your system, imho.

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I don’t know did you try it (most probably yes), original P10 cable.
Next will be Linn (T Cable Silver/Akito or Black) and Naim (ARO 1 Cable).

As speaker cable did you try NACA5, BUT factory soldered with Naim connectors and proper length?

All proposed cables are with proven musicality, great synergy and long term usage … in a system that you mentioned …

Do have any experience with linn silver rca ?

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No, in my system not, but a lot of friend have (where I have listened it) and all by definition are satisfied. Very very musical, musicality at it’s best …
It’s spare part for Linn Akito tonearm …
In standard sale there is only Linn Black T-Cable … You can try it as well … who knows, maybe in your system it will give very musical result …
Also second hand you can try Naim ARO 1 cable … if you find it in mint …

The ic choice is massive but I found Witchhat Phantom created the largest diff in my setup lately.

The hardest trick may be to partner ic optimized to speaker wire.
Setting up 5 choice or preferred ic list may not be enough.

BTW I’ve always some Rega Couple & Couple 2 available, sometime the best choice IME.

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Yep I use witch hat audio cable from my tt to nac 552 was a very nice sound n uplift :loud_sound::notes:

Is it Morgana Source RCA that you are using ?

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Yep it is

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