Phono amp

Hard to tell without seeing the wiring inside the DIN plug. Try it plugged into the CD or Tuner input and report back what you find.

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Plugged it in the cd and tuner and it doesn’t work, plugged it in aux 1 and switched the amp to aux 1 and don’t work but can leave it in aux 1 and flick the buttons over to cd and others and it plays ,don’t get it

I’ve sussed it I tried a different lead and it works in aux1 where I’ve plugged it and I flick across the buttons on the front and it only works in aux1 ,obviously a faulty lead

I think Richard is right. The lead isn’t faulty. The lead is DIN > RCA not RCA > DIN .

These leads carry signal in only one direction. @james_n was also driving at this point with mention of the DIN pin assignment. I expect the lead works perfectly fine if you were to connect in to one of the sockets that support in/out and the RCA ends to a headphone amp or something that takes a signal from the amp rather than sends to.

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If it’s a source lead then that won’t make any difference, save the direction of the cable itself.

It’s the pins that are connected that make the difference. I suspect the REC OUT pins are connected here - for connecting an RCA equipped headphone amp to a Naim pre-amp.


Cheers Richard,I have a lot to learn on this naim stuff,I’ve always used technics up to the last couple of weeks but loving the sound of naim

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As a rule of thumb reading the text on the cable can indicate direction. In this case “The Chord Company” reads from left to right, DIN to RCA. This is not always the case but I have found it is with Chord.

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So in other words that lead will do for a headphone amp

Or a tape recorder :wink:

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Not ideal for a tape recorder as you’ll only get the signal from out of the pre-amp into the recorder and won’t get any monitor (play) signal back into the pre-amp from the tape recorder. Ideally you would use one of these, which will give you both signal in and out;

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