Phono boards

A small query here.
I have been tinkering with a few of my Naim bits.
I have a 92/90 set up which has phono boards fitted.
I also have a nait3.
I have opened up the units and have removed the phono boards from the 92 and fitted into the nait 3.

Just powered up the nait and when the phono /aux button is pressed, there is a lot of heavy electrical clicking into the speakers, which disappears when volume turned to lowest stop.
If I press the mono button or the mute button the clicking disappears.
If I use any other buttons(tape etc), there is no clicking.
Anyone experienced this and any ideas on a solution?

Probably due to the Nait3 still having its links complete. These need to be cut, to enable the Phono Boards, I believe… :thinking:


It sounds like the links on the main board just under where the phono cards fit may still be un-cut/or connected. These links allow the RCA Phono input to act as a line level input by default. When you fit phono cards though the links have to be cut.


Oh, ok.
I simply opened up the box and fitted the cards, so no need to remove any boards.
Sounds like I will need to re open and lift out the main board.
Is it obvious what needs cutting when I open her up?

Image of internals before boards inserted

It’s the pair of metal link wires, about an inch and a half long, that run under where the boards fit - bottom right hand corner of your photo.

Zooming in a bit…

Yup, that’s them.

Like little silver Hand Rails… :laughing:

This is like that awful Steven Seagal movie from the 90s when the incapacitated navy seal bomb disposal expert has to give the nervous and sweaty civilian instructions on what to cut. Or more particularly, what not to cut.

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Do you feel lucky…?

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Just Kidding! Yes, the “hand rails”… Just snip and move slightly so they don’t make contact accidentally. Best not remove entirely as they can sometimes be soldered back together if NA526 boards prove elusive.

I had “Juggernaut” in mind with Richard Harris.

Warning: If you haven’t seen the film, this clip is a possible spoiler.

Haha cool, no shortage of “cut the red one, no the blue!” movies.

Executive Decision, I now know thanks to Google, is what I had in mind. I can’t recommend it.

Snip completed.
All good and turntable now spinning.

Squeaky bum time over.



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