Phono Input to DAC

Take a look at Rega’s Fono mini A2D.

Welcome Sam.

The DAC-V1 is all digital so you have two options; first you could use a turntable with a built in phono stage and ADC, or else any other turntable and use a stand-alone phono stage with ADC (ADC = Analogue to Digital Convertor). You could then connect to one of the DAC-V1’s digital s/pdif inputs.

However, if you want to get a bit more serious with vinyl you could add an analogue Pre-amp and phono stage. You would then use the DAC-V1 like a DAC source.

Main question is, do you have a budget in mind and how serious do you want to get with vinyl? If it’s just to play the odd LP now and then or dip a toe in the water then the ADC option makes a lot of sense. But if not, and you’re looking make some serious investment into vinyl, both in software, front end, and the rest, then a proper analogue pre-amp and phono stage could be the best way to go.

Thanks. I will…Do you have any experience on the impact on sound quality by introducing such a device?

What is your turntable?

I’m afraid not. As Richard says above, if you are serious about vinyl you really should be looking at an analogue phono stage and preamp. But the Rega will let you play your records through the V1 and Rega certainly know what they are doing.

Really appreciate this insight. Yes I want to stay as true as possible to the true vinyl sound…I’ll look into the analogue pre amp and phono stage options…thanks so much

One thing you could consider, if vinyl will be important to you, is a Nait XS3 or even Supernait 3. Both come with a very good MM phono stage and you wouldn’t then need the 100.

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If you decide to go digital, then the rega fono a2d has usb output, the pro-ject optical box e has … optical! So depending on what you are using already, that gives an alternative option (so for example you dont need to keep swapping usb connections).

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Indeed. I was about to suggest a TEAC deck for the same reason. You can start with USB to the DAC and then switch to phono when the amp changes.

1210…the workhorse of all turntables haha

thanks richard, what recommendation would you make for analogue pre amp and phono stage for circa 2k budget?

I don’t know what turntable/arm/cartridge you have or are considering, but I do think that Hungryhalibut’s suggestion of a NAIT XS3 may well be a good one. In there you have an excellent pre-amp, power amp and phono stage. You can trade your NAP100 towards it too and then it should come in under budget.

Otherwise, you’ll be looking at secondhand, with something like a NAC202, Stageline, NAPSC and Hicap.

Thanks Robert - appreciate the suggestion…

Thanks again for this, do let me know of any recommended analogue phono stage with preamps…assuming these would link straight to my 100 pa?

The challenge if you get a Naim preamp is that the 100 can’t power it, so you’d need say a Hicap. That’s partly why is suggested a Nait XS3 - it avoids a profusion of little boxes.

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Hi Robert, just wanted to check that the Rega Fono MC Phono Stage will connect with the V1 DAC?
Turntable is a 1210 (MC) - seems like a good option for now?

Hi Richard, just wanted to check that the Rega Fono MC Phono Stage will connect with the V1 DAC?
Turntable is a 1210 (MC) - seems like a good option for now?

The rega fono a2d is mm not mc, if that matters. You should ask rega but from a quick search the usb connection needs a master controller which would mean a PC not a usb dac.
The project one (again mm only) with optical out is likely your best option.

You would need an ADC to connect to the DAC-V1 as it’s digital only.

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