Phono noise

Seem to have a fair bit of non uniform noise/interference on my Superline phono stage.

I have been told to try shorting plugs in both of the two inputs on the back of the Superline. This should tell me if the noise is coming from the turntable.

Is an Earth from the Superline to the preamp of use ?? Think there is an Earth post on the NAC282

Any thoughts

I used to hear voices from mine, in Russian mostly. I blamed the RB300 earthing arrangement at first and bought an Aro, no difference. I did find that a capacitance plug reduced the level, the 1nF nearly as much as the 10nF, I ended up using a 470pF plug as least detrimental to performance while still reducing the breakthrough. Then I bought a Fram lite and retired my Target rack, completely eliminated the problem, though I was somewhat surprised that it did.
I’d tried earthing the Target rack and/or the pre amp earth post to no effect.

Are you using powerline adaptors for your internet by any chance?

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Thankyou for your thoughts Yeti.
Currently I do not have any capacitance or resistance plugs in. Does it do any harm having them in if they are not strictly needed. The phono plugs are very tight and to get them in or out I have to put the rear transport screw in the prevent damage to the Superline.

I moved about 2 years ago and the house had no wired IT so as a temporary measure I added power line and that still exists in the room I have the set up in. Interesting you mention it. Think overall there are two left in the house now plus the main one plugged into the router.

I seem to remember @Richard.Dane mentioning there is a trick to fitting the plugs on the later Rega arms, something to do with a clamping collar you can loosen.

I think the recommended loading for the Rega MCs is 100Ω, if it’s too low bass goes all flabby, too high and the top end gets a bit sharp and bass is fast but lightweight. A capacitance plug is meant to have little effect on an MC cart according to some forum “experts” but I find it rolls off the top end if you use too much. With a Dynavector 17D3 and a 470Ω plug I found the 470pF preferable to no cap plug, even after I’d solved the radio breakthrough. When I changed to a Transfiguration Proteus, that worked best with a 100Ω plug and no cap plug when it was on the Aro but benefitted from 470pF when I moved to a Schröder arm.

You need to really make sure the phono plugs are tightened down as tight as possible on the Next Gen RCA sockets on the Superline, otherwise you can get a poor contact and poor sound or noise as a consequence.

Check this first before adding any capacitance (if need be, 1nF should be enough).

Also be sure that the motor cable isn’t running across or next to the phono leads. And make sure the Superline itself is poitioned so its not picking up any noise from nearby transformers.

FWIW, my Superline (connected to NAC552 and RP10) is completely silent - remarkably so, even with the volume turned up very high.

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The phono plugs are such a tight fit that as I say I have to put the rear carriage screw back in to make the connection.

Going to remove all the power lines today to see if that helps. I am close to finishing the data wiring anyway.

Interesting my stageline was very quite. I guess the Superline is more sensitive.

Yes, Superline is more sensitive. I have it on a Fraim stack below the NAC552 head unit and no other transformers.

So do I but the ND555 used wirelessly is just below it and causes no problems, to my surprise.

They have screw collars, unscrew them before putting in our out!

I am currently using my clear audio rather than P10 it does not have screw collars unfortunately. Glad I am not going mad then.

Is it worth making two shorted out phonos. This could eliminate the deck ?

Unscrew the locking collars on the Rega Phono plugs first. That way they should go on the RCA sockets easily. Then tighten up. Otherwise you won’t get a good connection and you may even damage the Next Gen socket.

What RCA phonos does your Clearaudio have? You need to be careful here with the Superline as some don’t make a good connection with the outer conductor of the Next Gen sockets, resulting in poor sound and excessive noise.

My clear audio does not have bolted phonos

Rega will be here next Saturday

Thankyou Richard sounds like I better just wait until my Rega arrives and I assume that will have the right phonos

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An easy way to check in the meantime is to temporarily use some 50 ohm BNC adaptors on the BNC input. Of course, these can create problems of their own, especially as they age…

Ok that was nowhere to be seen :slight_smile:

BNC’s have the advantage of being inherently ‘locking’.

Why not use the BNC’s on the Superline - and be rid of all the Phono plug problems…?

That’s an idea I will get some adapters here tomorrow. Thankyou for all your thoughts

I guess people are reluctant to remove fancy looking ‘Audiophile’ Phono Plugs from their deck/arm and replace them with ‘crummy looking’ BNC’s…?

Was easier when even arms like my Linn Ittok (c. 1985) came with crummy Phono plugs on them…!!

Unfortunately BNCs won’t always fit easily or well to some phono cables. The Next Gen RCAs that Naim use are much the best of their type (RCA Phono) and provided you have suitable plugs that can make a good contact then they’re not a bad alternative to BNCs

I got a fairly chill reaction when I asked for nickel plated 50Ω BNCs on my Schröder Reference. The only drawback has been that they’re not as secure as RCAs and one was pulled off when I replaced the superline on top of the leads which were resting on the shelf, after it came back from a service and in my eagerness didn’t check where the leads were first. I’ll remember next time.
They might be a problem if I should ever wish to sell it but I think that might be someone else’s problem.