Phono power problem?

Oh great Andy, I’m going to look into this setting.

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From the manual:

To program the volume control for each input first set the volume control to a comfortable listening level with the loudest source (probably CD). Enter program mode by pressing and holding the prog key until the amplifier volume control indicator flashes. Select the input to be adjusted using the handset and use the vol up and down keys to set the volume to a comfortable listening level. The amplifier volume control will not rotate during this operation. Select a further input to adjust. To exit program mode press and hold the prog key until the volume control indicator stops flashing, or operate any control on the amplifier.

If you look at the Rega web pages for the cartridges, the output for each of them is specified as 6.8-7.2 mv, so I would not expect any difference in output. The Exact should be a nice upgrade though.


Its a very useful feature.Shame other naim amps don’t have it

Good evening,
As planned, I took decibel measurements between my CD input and my Phono input (Stageline N connected to a Rega planar 3 turntable). When listening to the same song (Springsteen, I’m on Fire), the difference is -16%. In fact, when I listen to a CD with the volume set to 12 o’clock, I have to put the volume at a little less than 14 o’clock to have equivalent sound power.
Just for information, I was not able to increase the power of the Phono, even if a priori it can be done. The Nait 5 instructions indicate that this can indeed be done, but the paragraph devoted to this question speaks of “amps” without specifying those affected by this setting… There, I don’t know.
Finally, I received my Rega Exact cartridge and I mounted it on my Turntable. It’s just magical, the sound is precise, full and very musical. Even the scratches disappear. I am delighted ! I have never been more fulfilled than since I chose NAIM :wink:
Yours sincerely,

It can. I’ve done it. But note this applies only to the NAIT5, not earlier NAITs, nor later 5i, 5si, XS, et al…

I was a bit sad that the XS2 I also use has neither balance nor input trim but, hey, on the bright side at least the alps pot remains balanced at low volume!

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Oh great ! Can you explain me how ? I can’t do it by following the instructions in the manual…
However, it does work for the balance !

I’ve just checked my manual. The wording is identical to that posted by @robert_h above. What might not be clear is that to ‘select the input to be adjusted using the handset’ you need to use the numeric keys, ie 1 for cd, 2 for tuner, and so on. Does that help?

The key here is to remember to turn the volume down when you’ve finished playing records, to leave it high and then play CD’s can be quite a shock :astonished:

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No sorry, I do that…

To AndyR

Um. Should work then!

Is the amplifier entering ‘program’ mode when you press the ‘prog’ key - ie does the volume control led flash?

You may need to press the ‘preamp’ key first.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing… I don’t think this function works on my amp…

The volume control led doesnt flash…

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas. @Richard.Dane ?

The manual should explain how to trim input levels on the NAIT 5. Be sure you have the remote handset in PREAMP mode (press PRE softkey).

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I’ve followed the instructions and tried again, but I think this function no longer works on my “old” Nait 5. It’s not that important, the rest works fine!
Thank you all for sharing.
Kind regards,

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