Phono preamp advice: Rega P6+SN3

Hi. Just changed the stylus. Saved the need for re aligning

Many years ago I had a Corus Black and when it came time to replace the stylus, like you I went for a G1042. I noted at the time that the locator lug was not quite the same shape as the Roksan but it did fit within and overall sounded great. I did though wonder how much impact the lug and recess difference made to overall cartridge rigidity and ergo performance…

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I think the body between blue and black were identical, and just the stylus profile differed, I think the black was pretty much equivalent to the 1042?

But yes, round peg in oval hole:


I’ve got a SN3, HC-DR and a Rega RP6, I bought a Rega Aria when I bought the SN3 as this is what I heard when it was dem’d to me, cartridge was an Exact. I tried the built in phono stage on the SN3 and found it was excellent, more of a presentation difference to the Aria as opposed to outright quality.

However, I’ve recently swapped the Exact for an Ania, which being MC, I have to use the Aria, and my word, what a world of difference, simply gorgeous combination.

The Rega MC Fono just came out narrowly on top in Hi-Fi choice when looking for MC phono stage but as mentioned elsewhere here, the Ifi Zen phono stage came in for particular mention and is really well priced. That with an Ania would make a world of difference over an Exact into a phono stage when compared to the inbuilt one in my experience.


My understanding of the phono stage in the SN3 is that its a step up from the $800 Stageline N. As such, I’m not sure than a $1200-$1500 phono stage is the best investment you can make. Your system is nicely balance as it stands. I would enjoy it as is.

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Thanks all for the advice.

I think I’ll be sticking with the status quo for now and will look towards a cartridge upgrade down the road.


Great feedback. Thanks Adam.

No worries, more than welcome.

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