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I have a 10x5 MK Dynavector, and I’m trying to figure out which preamp to use, with my NAIMNAIT5.

I’m looking at the stage line but I’m not sure which one is compatible. I’m also looking at the Dynavector Preamp.

Any suggestions, or alternatives, would be good. I’m using, wait for it, KEF 101s.

Also, I’m considering a speaker upgrade and have an opportunity to get the monitor audio Silver. I’m not sure how the stack up against very old and very loved KEF101’s. Thanks

The Dynavector is a high output MC designed to be used into a moving magnet phono stage. Unfortunately output is not quite as high as a true MM, so you might prefer using a Stageline E designed for medium output MCs. This can work very well.

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I’d keep the KEFs…

If you can make do with whatever you currently have, I would wait if/until the NVC TT or similar gets released as a separate component. Otherwise I can recommend the Lehmann or the MoFi UltraPhono. Ear Phonobox could be nice as well.

Checkout the Goldnote p10. I find the switchable inputs and settings a lot easier to deal with than dip switches. Also looks as good as it sounds.

I am also looking for a suitable phono stage for my Dynavector 10x5 Mk 2, and my dealer has suggested me to try Dynavector P75 or the more expensive Chord Huei. However, the Chord seems to have received dubious reviews…

Which Record Player are you using?

I would suggest the Dynavector P75. Its a cracker of a stage and gives a future path if you wish to follow the low output DV options. Be careful if matching a high output MC to other MM stages as some require more output than high output MC cartridges provide. I had this experience when matching a Benz Micro High to my Rega Fono MM stage. The Benz just didnt deliver enough grunt. I then went to the P75 and that lasted quite a while and worked well with another High output SAE mc cart and a two low output Dynavectors.

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Linn LP 12 Valhalla Ittok

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