Phono settings for Ania Pro with Vertere Phono Mk IIi

I could use some help from the forum. I’m currently home auditioning a Vertere Phono-1 Mk II (to replace a Fono MC) for use with my P8/Ania Pro. The Vertere is sounding promising so far. However, recommended settings for the Ania Pro are impedance 100Ω and capacitance 1000pF and while I assume the 100 Ω corresponds to the 100R setting on the Vertere (see picture) I haven’t been able to figure out what the recommended capacitance of 1000pF corresponds to. Would that be the 1.02uF setting on the Vertere? Many thanks in advance.

If my memory serves correctly, 1000pF = 1nF = 0.001uF. If so, no, 1.02uF would not be the setting to use for 1000pF.

I tried a demo Phono 1 Mk2 earlier this year. I ended up sticking with the Stageline K I’ve got until I can stump up for a Superline. It took me a while to get my head around the Vertere’s settings but it was fun to play with the little switches and listen to the results.

My guess is you would go for the 430pF setting, despite it being labelled for MM cartridges. This is the factory setting, and is recommended for their Mystic MC cartridge. My understanding is that the tonearm cable capacitance is added to this, so you may find this total is closer to the 1000pF you want.

I could be completely wrong in all this so take others’ advice above mine. I think the overall point was though that you could fiddle with the capacitance without worry.

And then, other than your dealer, I’d suggest giving Vertere a call - if he’s there, you might get put straight through to Touraj as I was, which made for a fascinating conversation. If anyone knows the answer it’s him!


The capacitance the cartridge manufacturers quote is indeed the total of both the phono stage and all cabling leading up to it. Tonearm cabling is probaby around 20-30pF, and your interconnect will likely add another 70-120 depending on exact cable and length. So if neither is quoted by the manufacturer you can assume 100-150pF and add that to the input capacitance.

Having said that, it’s my understanding that for MC capacitance is not that relevant, where resistance is. For MM cartridges it’s capacitance that can makes a big difference. But my personal experience is only with MM.

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That’s my impression, too. This thread includes a detailed response from Jonathan Carr on the topic, answering a question about settings for the Lyra Delos MC cartridge:

… most of which went over my head…


Sorry, I forgot the requirement not to post links to third party sites.

Many thanks. I’ve switched to the 430pF setting and it sounds good to my ears. Truth be told I have a hard time hearing any significant differences between the various capacitance settings …

I also have an email out to Vertere (the “vinyl guy” at the dealer was not there to advise on settings when I picked up the demo unit today), but no reply yet.

From a few hours of listening today in between doing emails I’m finding the Vertere quite a bit better than the Fono MC (as it should be). Sound is generally clearer and better defined and the soundstage has opened up with more space between instruments/voices. It also seems to go a little lower in the bass, which has also firmed up. Quite comparable to the Aria, actually, but I always had hum issues with the Aria in my home (whether in the home office or the living room) - no such issues with the Vertere.

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Thanks for your input.

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