Phono Stage. Do I Replace for Naim?

I’m currently using a Pure Sound P10 from my Project RPM9 turntable into my 202 and 200 combo, I love it. But…
Would a Stage line be a better match?

I don’t think so.

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Probably depends on your cartridge but if you like what you have why change? Remember you’d be powering the Stageline off your 202. That said I had a Stageline before my Superline and I loved it. Could a dealer lend you one to try?

You will need a cartridge at first step

The P10 is an excellent stage - up there with the best for MM.

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Totally agree with Richard
The P10 is a great phono stage
Only way you should leave it is for a MC phono stage
But don’t waste money on a MC cartridge with the pro-ject deck
Get a better deck first!

(Pictured below is my old P10… happy memories)

Better deck? thanks for that :grinning:
Cartridge is a 120EB
I didn’t even want to be listening to vinyl until my uncle died and left me an old Akai Direct Drive and a load of Jazz at the start of the year. Since that I moved to a linn basik then to the rpm9 and developed an unhealthy addiction to buying Records, no way can afford to step up again. :smiley:
Thanks for the advice re the phono stage though. I’ll stick with the P10

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