Phono stage for a 272

I’m thinking of getting a turntable to use with my 272, probably a Michell Gyro SE. What would be a good phono stage to start at ~ £600?

Thanks, Paul

Hi Hasselblad100,
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If you plan on using a Dynavector cartridge, then a Dynavector P75 phono stage is unbeatable at that price point.

If you intend to use another make of cartridge, then there are several very good alternatives for the money.

Happy hunting, BF

Cheers - thanks!

I was thinking of a Technoarm or 303 as part of kits that are sold with the Gyro, with maybe an Ortofon 2M Black cart? I have a 250DR and PMX Twenty5.24 to go with the 272.

Do you have any decent dealers in your area that would allow you to try several options?

I ask because the new Rega Planar 8 may be very hard to beat in terms of sound quality. Nottingham Analogue also does an excellent TT at a similar budget, though I adore the aesthetics of the Gyrodec SE.

I good dealer will be hugely helpful for you, not only in choosing but also in ensuring critical set up of your preferred turntable.

Best regards, BF

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I would be looking at pre loved phono stages in that price bracket …you should be able to get something really nice that was two or three times that price new
In no particular order I like
Puresound P10
lehmann audio …any of the more expensive ones
Rega Aria is fantastic value …
Dynavector …any in your price range

My turntable guy recommended the Aria. Cracking phono stage and love it with my LP12 and 272. Whatever one you get, keep it as far away from the 272 as possible.

I think Pro-ject are distributed by the same people, so one of their stages might be a good place to look for synergy.

have you thought of a Trichord Dino,
then you have a upgrade path with a Dino + latter on

I have a Gyrodec which sounds fantastic. I went from the Rega Rb230 to the Tecnoarm which was an enormous improvement.

I use a Rothwell Rialto phono stage that can be used with mm and mc cartridges - I’m using a 2M Blue. The Rialto sort of disappears and let’s you really focus on the music. And it easily fits into your price range.

Info on the Rialto is limited but there are a few reviews online.

Good luck!

If your mind isn’t 100% made up then I too would think about an RP8 with matching Rega cart and phono stage. Or if you don’t mind buying used then an LP12 and Naim prefix built by Cymbiosis would be hard to beat.

Thanks for replies. I’ve booked a demo of Gyro v Rega RP10 next week.

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Try Rega Planar 8 if you can. One of my friend bought one instead of RP10. He is very happy.

I am also looking for a phono stage for my 272, with 2 inputs to use with Kuzma stabi sd 9&12. I have Lyra Helikon and Soundsmith Carmen MK2 cartridge.

What would be a good phono stage? How about these 4 or any other recommendation up to £2300.

Gold Note PH-10 + power supply
Cyrus Phono + power supply
Sudgen PA-4
Aesthetix Rhea


I listened to Gyro/Technoarm/Dynavector 20x2/Michell PSU and then the RP10 (Apheta2) played through Rega Aria and into the same setup that I have at home.

They were both very nice, with only subtle differences between them. We also listened to Tidal which sounded thin/brittle in comparison. If I had to pick a best for sound I would say it was marginally the Rega although visually the Michell is a stunning piece of machinery. If you’ve only ever seen a picture you have to go and look at one in action. On looks/sound combo the Gyro wins but the dealer offered a £900 discount on the Rega - I need to sleep on it :slight_smile:

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Went for RP10 with Cyrus Phono Sig in the end. Could highly recommend this at the price point

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Cyrus phono is also in my list. Are you using with the extra power supply? How is the sound quality of cyrus against other phono amplifiers? Thanks

Better than Rega Aria. I’m not a fan of external PSU…£ better spent on other upgrades imho. PSUs make things sound different but you may not necessarily like it. YMMV
I paid £1300 for the Sig, it was the demo model and has 5 year warranty

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The Ryan Sound Labs 2-box phono stage with external PS looks very interesting and relatively inexpensive (well it costs less than the price of a Hiline). The MC verison is very flexible in terms of gain and loading, which allows cartridge matching. It is current gain, very much like the Dr T version of the Dynavector. Although I have not heard it, I have listened to the plain jane RSL MM boards in an ancient 32 preamp into a vintage LP12/Ittok, and they were very, very good, with great detail and dynamic contrasts.

The reviews of the Cyrus Phono with the PSX-R2 are so good that I took the plunge. The result is exceptional!

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agreed – i’m in the queue for Kit’s loaner unit, which will arrive later this summer. and you can get it with BNC plugs, even!

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