Phono Stage for LP12 and Uniti Star

My present set up is Uniti 2 (Upgrade) Stageline (MC Adaption) with Linn LP12 (Akurate Spec) Turntable.
Considering Naim Uniti Star including DR/FM.
To power the existing Stageline an additional Naim power supply would be required.
I would welcome any advice and thoughts from the forum.

A HiCap. Simple.

Thank you Ian.
Next step to audition the Uniti Star.

A Flatcap would be another, cheaper option. Personally I would be looking at a non-Naim phono stage as getting a Naim all-in-one system and needing another 3 boxes to listen to vinyl seems a bit OTT. Plenty of decent options out there these days.


Turning the Stageline into a 2K phono stage, which is excessive. If the Stageline can’t be powered from an existing Naim pre, I’d look into other brands

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Yes it’s a bit of a shame that the next gen Uniti products didn’t keep the Uniti 2 powered input which makes things simpler for Stageline usage.

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A HiCap looks more to the future… Options… :wink:

YMMV, etc…

Better invested into a pre that can power the phono stage :wink:

Didn’t this come up recently, depending on the stageline version an appropriate i-supply will work too

Here’s the thread it came up on

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Thank you for the information and the attached PDF. Do you know if the i-supply is still available?

I’m not sure still for sale new. Definitely come up on auction sites from time to time

Lejonklu makes some very good, and good value, phono preamps (MM and MC) that are created with Linn carts in mind.


Last seen in the Naim price list, in around 2009…
At £125 from April 2009…
Not listed in Jan 2010.

Depending on where you are but here in NZ for the price of a hi cap you could buy any number of phono stages that would be significantly better than a hicapped stageline. I run a stageline off my pre and it’s ok, but it’s no where near say a Goldnote P10 or Cyrus signature both of which are significantly cheaper than a hicap.

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