Phono stage in SN3?

I started a topic called SN3 v old separates and it seems to have disappeared.
I have now done some comparisons on a demoed SN3 using a SUT from my MC Linn.
So it’s SN3 v 32/140 circa 1982 serviced 2010.
The vinyl to me was preferable on the 32/140 although the sound stage was better on the SN3
Streaming was preferable on the SN3 in every department.
Is the MM phono stage on the SN3 a token gesture catering for the millennials of the vinyl resurgence who have bought a budget turntable?
How much does the SUT effect the sound? The SUT i borrowed is an old Music First Audio Classic which apparently costs more than the SN3. Much more than I was planning to pay!

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