Phono Stage (Pre-Amp)

Just curious what phono stage people are using with 500 series amps?

Is everyone using Superline or something different?


Following the forum regularly, I could see , with 500 series : superline, linn urika, rega aria and aura, Tom Evans mastergroove, whest phono.
The most cited is the superline.

thanks - thought the Superline would feature significantly.

I have had a SL/SC2, Urika, Vida
Currently have a Whest Titan Pro and an Allnic H-7000- different flavors, both excellent imho.

wariat means crazy in polish. Your system is crazy! In a positive meaning of course.

Indeed. The Superline is superb. If you haven’t done so already, it’s well worth having a read of the Hifi Critic review on the Naim website, where four different reviewers give their verdicts…


Amazing that the same design is still going so strong after 12 years. We have been very happy with our Superline/Supercap.

Following with interest. I’m still hoping for a chance to audition a SuperLine with my 252/300 system, but that’s not generally possible in the U.S.


at the moment i use a Lehmann Audio SE2 PWX phono stage with MM / MC capability and a Lenco L75 plinthed with an Origin Live Silver tonearm and a Nagaoka MP110 cart ( an old MP30 is standby )

I have kind of finalised that MM is the way forward for me and i doubt very much i will be into experimenting on cartridges very much…

a. If the stageline - MM - is powered by a bare SN2 - will it cause any drop in performance - since the stageline does not have its own PS ?

b. How do i know the Stageline - MM version is suitable for my Nagaoka Mp110 and
MP30 ( not MP300 ) carts ?

Its been a long time with the Lehmann Audio and its a wonderful phono by itself - but i am contemplating a Naim Stageline as well - just a change of flavor and hopefully at the same level and no lower.


mpw, it’s too hard to say without trying it really. Of all the Stageline variants, I think the N (MM) is much my favourite though. It’s dark and earthy sound does tend to match best with brighter carts.

Thank You…

In your opinion which is a “bright” cartridge ?

Something like an Audiotechnica 440 ? Maybe a Nagaoka MP30 ?

AT carts usually fall into that bracket, yes. Not sure about the Nagaokas. Best to try and see how they sound.

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As a new owner of a Dynavector 17DX I’ve also started considering whether I should contemplate upgrading my P75 Mk2 phono. A used Superline may be an option but I’m also interested in alternatives that maximise what’s available from the 17DX without wasting unused capability. Anyone any thoughts on price compatible Tom Evans, Graham Slee, Lehmann, P75 upgrde or something else?

Your Nagaoka MP110 will work just fine with a Stageline N. I have tried it, it is a very workable pair. It is more down to if you think the Stageline sound wise is the direction you want to go towards, versus your Lehmann. I don’t know your Lehmann sound though, so can’t really say from my ears.

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Having gone from built in boards in a 82 and 52, then to a superline, after that i went 500/552 and added a supercap to the superline. I would say its more about matching your turntable/cartridge to your phono amp.
The superline is still good even though its old these days, but like most things it has its advantages and disadvantages and you just need to see what works best for you.
But for me once i went down the rega P10 and apheta 3 the matching rega aura just stole the show and the pair work hand in hand just like a 500 and 552 do, plus i liked the fact it only needs 10 minutes to warm up as i dont use my turntable all the time, plus no service costs.

It gets serviced for free?

No it dosnt need a service, unless it goes wrong.
As its not powered on all the time unlike a superline and supercap.
So with that i would say that a week with a superline being on all the time would be about a year in the life of my rega

@Richard.Dane @Frazeur1

and what about - weather the Stageline and SN2 will live happily - each bare ?

and weather 1 Hicap DR can power both the Stageline and SN2 ? - if needed.


To me, this is a whole other thing, as in how far do you wish to take your system, and with what potential gear and budget. Plan accordingly so not to waste money or jettison unneeded gear at potential loss. Ultimately, that you get a chance to demo these changes in your setup before making choices, not always easy to do, but worth your time if you can, not to mention wallet!


a demo is impossible so i was asking if a Hicap DR can be dual use for the SN2 and the stageline …

your words are appreciated…