Phono Stage

Has anyone moved on from a Stageline S to Dynavector P75 or Lehmann Black Cube or other similar phono stages?

I have LP 12 Karousel/Kore/Lingo 4/Ittok 3 with Dynavector 20 x L into a Stageline S into a Supernait 2.

I am looking for next step and think it may be to move on from Stageline, thanks.

I moved on from a Stageline a couple of years ago and to be honest, to beat it I had to spend more than double the money as it’s pretty damn good at it’s pricepoint. By all means try the DV and Lehmann offerings but I think you’ll need to throw more wonga at it to hear a noticeable difference. If you do then Rega’s Aria is a top performer as is Verter’s phono stage ( I have both) but you won’t get much change out of £1k.



I have the stageline K in one of my LP12 systems and my friend has the DV P75 MK4

We both agree no real difference on SQ albeit slight difference in presentation

If you require much improved SQ you will need to go for the Superline/HiCapDR combination . Expensive yes but the significant benefits are there


Looked at all three options, as well as a few others and ended up with Rega Aria. Dyna P75 works well with Dyna cartridges. But I preferred the presentation from Rega Aria.

Next step up might be Naim SuperLine. This can be run from SN2. Adding separate PSU, such as HCDR, is another nice step up in time.

Good luck


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I went from Stageline to Rega Aria. I demoed the P75 but the Aria was a clear winner.



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