Phono stages

… and people claim that streaming sounds better than decent vinyl.

Even your outstandingly good DCS streamer can’t tear you away from running a chisel round a plastic disc. Enjoy Dunc!

Best regards, BF


It’s great to have 2 fantastic ways to play music, both have different strengths.
Depending on mood, take your pick.

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I said sometimes that I found that the phono stage is perhaps the most important component after the deck, vs arm, cart. But not a lot agreed here.

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Well it’s made a very nice change to my set up.
That’s my vinyl rig done, just cartridge rebuilds or a different cartridge going forward, no more lol.

Sould be easy to sell off an Aura’ at least here they hardly ever come up for sale.

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A pic just to add, not in the fraim completely as yet, due to rear box section, but that’s easily delta with once I get time, but right now enjoying it too much for all that messing

Not much to look at, but the quality is top notch, anyway its the sound it makes that’s matters and then this really is right up there

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Looks the business Dunc- understated case design to very high standard.
If future planning could raise it to the top shelf of your Fraim that would bring added benefit.
As Rooster noted above, the bass will come with a little tube burn-in. Bass was not lacking when I had it in my room with a similar XV1-s… Soundstage, holographics, tone and realism all come to mind with this pre. My Allnic is very similar. The old sluggish, wooly bass adjectives do not apply to these modern top shelf tube phono stages. Enjoy!


Simply stunning, really coming on strong now.
Been messing with the gain and decided on the lowest setting, this also happens to match the rossini at 6v output volume better.
But have got to say once again, this has really put the icing on the cake as far as my vinyl set up is concerned, didn’t think it could ever sound this good.
Still just left the tron on the bottom shelf, hanging out the front, as just been enjoying it too much to bother with it, but I think it will stay at the bottom.
Just wish I could let you all hear it.


Well having spoken to Graham (guy that makes these) it seems on the bottom of my rack will be fine, happy days.
Mentioned that unless I can shorten either or both, the arm cable or interconnect cable then any gains will just be from being away from noisy transformers, right now in its low position its furthest away anyway, so it will stay there.

Well the last few days I have been running the tron on the top of the rack, just under the turntable.
Well I feel its actually a little worse for it, checked all the cables etc and nothing to report on that, so going to move it back down to the lowest shelf, far away from the turntable and its power supply.
It just sounded a bit flat and less dynamic for some reason.

At least you have tried. You can enjoy with more peaceful mind.

Was hoping it would just be the same or maybe better, but no, shame as it means I have got to knock the left rack down, to swap the rear leg, so the tron will fit.

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