Phonosophie P3 turntable

I recall that this was a big topic 20 odd years ago, with suggestions that Naim’s late Julian Vereker preferred it to the LP12 as his ultimate turntable (was it nicknamed the Valhalla in his optimum spec version?).

You never hear of it these days, though.

I really don’t think that I’m imagining all of this. Or am I?

No imagining, it really did exist, and Naim made a special DC power supply for it too, which was based on the NAP140. Phonosophie were the distributors for Naim in Germany in those days.

A few members here I know have a P3 and I’ve listened to a few examples in the past. A nice deck.

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Thank you, Richard, my sanity is still fighting to stay afloat, then. I love the idea that Naim used a power amp as the basis of the turntable power supply.

Does that mean that the NAP140 and the Armageddon share some design lineage?

No, the Armageddon is totally different, as it was designed to drive an AC motor. The P3 used a DC motor.

We have a Phonosophie P3 with Naim Aro, Prefix and special Naim P3 power supply. It’s truly awesome - prefix straight into NAC 552. We also have a LP12, Linn Ekos and Armageddon. The LP12 has kore chassis. If you can get a P3 you should as it’s one of the best and can compete with the mega decks.


I’m told Roy George owns 3 turntables and I think one of them is a P3. Richard Dane may be able to confirm.


Phonosophie P3 + Aro + Superline + Supercap = :+1:

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Sorry, I don’t know what T/T Roy is running these days, although I’d hazard a guess that it’s a Solstice something or other… :wink:


They were modified Thorens TD3001 or 2001.

I’ve seen one at my dealer’s, said to have been JV’s own. It was fitted with an Aro, and had maybe two or three blanking plugs on the plinth, as if various power supplies had been tried. Perhaps some sort of prototype, who knows?

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He’s still got great hearing then Richard :joy:

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I have one with an Aro arm. It is in the basement at the moment. Will get it up and running within a few months.

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I have just had an email from Andy at Winchester Hi-Fi saying, “I have JV’s old P3 Aro here in the shop.”


A friend has one with an Aro, not sure which cartridge he has. I always have enjoyed listening to music on his system, whether this is down to the P3 or his Naim gear I am not sure. If I was looking for a secondhand TT I would definitely consider it amongst others.

When Linn/Naim parted cooperation back in the 80’s, how long afterwards did JV use LP12 before he found satisfaction in Phonosophie.?

Seem as Phonosophie (Ingolf) did mods to other earlier Thorens decks as well.

Well, how easy is it to get hold of a Phonosophie P3? Is it still being made and, if so, where would I find details, prices, accessories, etc?

Thanks (in advance) to anyone who can shed any light.

Winchester Hi Fi sell them I believe. Not sure if other dealers sell them, might be a good place to start if you are in the UK

Thanks for that, Paul. I’ve tried to find the Phonosophie on the Winchester HiFi website, but I find the website completely impenetrable, so am none the wiser.

I hope that they don’t rely on that website to attract customers, as they won’t have any!

I emailed Andy (owner) when I saw this P3 topic here and he emailed back. The email address in on his site: ‘contact us’

(My only relationship is as a customer).

I remember back in the mid 90’s hearing a P3 / Naim P3 psu / Aro / Dynavector XX1L / Prefix / 52 / Supercap / 135s / Epos Es14s.

That system could do things I have never heard on any other system since. One of the records I use to evaluate turntables has to get close to what the P3 did with the same album otherwise I’m not interested.

If the right P3 came available ie with an Aro and the Naim psu then I would be tempted but it’s like searching for hens teeth. The guys who have a P3 know how good it is - they are unlikely to be selling !