Phonostage -project ds/Trichord dino/MoFi StudioPhono

Any experiences of these or recommendations on these would be great please. At the moment with ortofon red ( to be changed I think too) into a Supernait2. Thank you!

What’s the deck?

Trichord Dino here back in my very early Naim days, about 2007.

My memory of it is that it was really good, very adaptable but ‘all a bit hi-fi’. This was with an additional psu.

By contrast, a Stageline N proved less showy but somehow had more drive and made records more engaging, even when powered from Aux2. So I settled there. These days, it’s a Stageline S and still Aux2.

Please let us know how it goes.

I’ve had the MoFi StudioPhono (actually still somewhere, just not in use) and think it’s great value for money, so would definitely recommend. A Tim de Paravicini (of EAR Yoshino) design. I can’t compare it to the others though.

IIRC @Bobthebuilder has/had a Dino too…

We have the Trichord Dino 3 with a power supply. This is with a Rega Planar 3 and an Ortofon Blue cartridge. Works really well together and we preferred it to the price equivalent Rega phono stage.
I haven’t listened to many phonostages but would describe this one as maintaining the pace from the Rega and soundstaging is impressive. If I was looking now, I would be comparing this with the Vertere.

Yes I’ve used a Trichord Mk1,2 and 3 and all with both Dino + and NCPSU it’s been my go to stage for probably 6 or 7 years now with several LP12’s a Techie and now a Rega P8 currently using a Mk2/NCPSU

Up until a month ago I used dino 3/ncpsu, then a diablo. Decent gain/loading/capacitance adjustments. And well matched with benz ace sl.

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