Anybody know what phonestage is good with rega planar 10.My preamp is 252.

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Rega Aria should be a good match for your RP10 especially if you are using a Rega cartridge. Lots of loading options for moving coils. The sound is open, fast and dynamic with great bass although the overall presentation can be a little lean. With your preamp it could be a great match, see if your dealer can loan you one to try at home.


A Rega Aria would likely be a good choice, but it’s primarily the cartridge it needs to match, not the turntable.


Okay i was looking at that one and the aura but that’s quick expensive do you have any knowledge about the aura ? thanks for reply .

I use a Superline. It works brilliantly with the RP10 and Apheta2 mc. You have a great powered AIX2 on your 252 ready and waiting for one.


So most likely the apheta 3.

No knowledge of that one sorry, it’s out of my league price wise. I do have the Aria and couldn’t be happier. I use it with an LP12, Ittok, AT33EV moving coil cartridge and it’s a great match. I used to pair my Aria with a Rega RP6 and Exact which also sounded mighty fine via the MM input. With the Aria you get two phono stages in one box, I think it’s a bit of a bargain and even more so if you can pick up a pre-loved one.

Great stuff thanks.

I can vouch for the Aura. It’s a great combination with the P10.

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Did you try the Aria first or superline?

No I didn’t.

My previous set up was a Rega P6 powered by a Supernait 3 (with its integrated MM phonostage).

A Superline, powered by your 252, would be a great choice with an Apheta but not cheap. A Rega Aura is also excellent and also expensive. I prefer a Superline if powered by a Naim pre-amp or its own Supercap, but if you did not already have a 252 the Aura might be the better choice.

A Rega Aria is probably better value, but clearly a rung below the above. for SQ.

My less-obvious suggestion is the Dynavector P74 mark 4. It has a fraction less muscle than Superline or Aura, but hearing one stopped me looking for a second-hand Aria - and it is a good deal cheaper.


So I can power a Superline with a snaic 5-5 (240) from my 552 to a Superline? Audio signal goes through there too to so 1 cable between 552 and Superline and done?

Yes. only 2 power rails though, straight from dedicated rails in the 552PS (via the 552 Pre).


I presume powered by supercap will give more .

Would it be no better to say “ if you did not HAD a 252 ? Instead of HAVE?
As the OP has the 252. More a grammatical question by me, a french guy.

Are you wondering on buying a turntable Slamdam ? :grin:

Yes, but the Superline second hand is easy to find and even powered by the 252 will be better than Aria. ( similar prices).


The Superline with a Supercap (powered via the Burndy) can make the most of the Supercap’s multiple power rails (12 IIRC), so in theory should sound better. Some find that they prefer the Superline powered via the preamp (252 and 552). Worth a search as there have been a lot of threads, but something you really need to try for yourself.

All these old beautiful Coltrane records staring at me… :smile: