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I wanted to ask the collective about keeping old digital photos, storage isn’t a problem as I have quite a few hard disks and do upload to Amazon Photos.

Most of my editing is done in Lightroom Classic, but the changes are non destructive. So if I decide to get rid of Lightroom I’m assuming my changes go with it and I’m left with my original files which are pretty much all in RAW format. So after editing what would be the suggested format to store them in, assuming I just export from Lightroom but retain the flexibility of editing further down the road.



I think TIFF could work for what you want. Maybe DNR would too.

I know you have stated you have plenty of storage but be aware Tiff files can get absolutely huge. !

I’d recommend saving as .DNG files


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And relying on the good graces of a third party?

No thanks.

RAW is fine and storage is cheap!

Thanks for your replies so far and the link. I thought DNG files were just basic RAW format and agree that TIFF files are pretty large, some astoundingly so. Just to be clear, if I have done some editing in Lightroom can I still export/save as RAW? Would not that lose my edits.


FWIW I shoot in Nikon Raw (D600 camera) but convert to DNG in Lightroom (as well as making the required adjustments). DNG is an open format so should be good for many years to come. As a belt and braces approach I also convert the adjusted image into a JPEG file on the basis that this is a well established file format that should be good for many decades. Both formats then go onto hard drive storage.


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