Photo opportunity

I would like to join the system pics thread with my photo of my system. However I cannot remember how to do this!
I would like to send it from my ipad to the forum.
Many thanbks as I know it has been well documented before but blame it on a Senior moment!

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Its the little icon 2nd from right below dialogue box.

On iPad it’s here…

Many thanks I will have a go tomorrow

Many thanks HH I will try this tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing your system. And a perfectly reasonable question, whether you’re “senior” or not!

Hi the bad yogi,
Despite the most helpful replies from HH and Anonymoot, I (being a real non techo person) still cannot upload. The problem is I took the photos on my smartphone (not iphone) but I don’t know how to proceed.
When, as advised, I click on the icon in the dialogue box it comes up with choose files I am stumped how to continue. That’s why my dealer is an essential part of my system!

I haven’t tried this but there should be apps to transfer photos between different systems, either via a computer or directly.

Are you using the DiscourseHub mobile app on your smartphone for this forum? I only have an iPhone and when I click on the photo icon I have the option of selecting a picture from the photo library or taking a new photo. I’d be surprised if it’s much different fur other types of smartphone.

Hi Ravvie and thebadyogi,
Many thanks for your replies but I think I will wait until I go to my daughters (she is in my bubble) next weekend and get her to get the pics onto the forum.

Love this question! I asked my daughter yesterday how to upload a document to Microsoft Teams and she didn’t know, so managed to solve the problem myself. 1-0 to me.

You will need to know the where the picture is stored so you can upload it. If it’s on your phone then you will have to find the location. I usually transfer pictures to my computer and then do it from there. Probably not that easy to explain so I think daughter is the way to go. Good luck.

I use an Android phone. I agree that the upload photos feature is confusing.

Here’s how it appears on my device (Samsung) when I tap the little landscape icon at the bottom right.

Tap ‘Files’:

If you’re not in the Camera folder (ie you can’t see the photos you want to upload), tap the folder babe at the top, ‘Screenshots’ in this example:

Now tap ‘Images’:

Now tap ‘Camera’ to get to your photos folder:

Hi znai and weekend warrier,
Thank you both so much for your advice and znai going to the trouble of your phone graphics.
Have tried to follow advices to no avail! I will wait for said daughter to roll her eyes and then
show me how to upload them from either phone or my laptop. Watch this space next week!

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