Physical Setup of Supernait 3 and ND5 X2 in A/V Furniture

Hi there. So I’m investing in my first Naim gear this Spring or early summer and I’ve decided on the Supernait 3 with ND5 X2 streamer. I’m also getting a Rega 3 TT as well. My plan is to situate the SN3 and the Rega on top of my a/v stand. My Sony OLED 55" TV is currently sitting there but I’ll be mounting it on the wall in order to make space for the stereo equipment. My current stereo amp is a NAD C390DD which is a PowerDAC and stays very cool, needing very little airflow so it’s inside the A/V stand and I open the door when I play it though it’s probably not necessary.

So my question is: Can I put the ND5 X2 streamer inside an A/V stand that has a small hole in the back for cables and where I can open the door to allow some fresh air access. I’m just not sure how warm that thing gets. My other option is to stack the SN3 and ND5 directly on top of on another but everything I’ve read here says to avoid that.

I appreciate the help!

BTW, my current speakers are Dynaudio Special 40s which I love. Anyone here have experience with the SN3-ND5 X2-SP40 setup?

The streamers can get quite warm. I’d be inclined to cut a much larger hole in the back so that the section with the ND is effectively open.

While the ND5 is ok with the SN3, the NDX2 is its natural partner and a better match. I’d also suggest that you stretch to at least a Rega 6. It would be a better match for the amp and speakers.

I use nd5xs2 with supernait 3 and it’s superb. While the ndx maybe better, you won’t feel short changed…plus it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.
the nd5 gets warm to touch so yes open up the back…

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