After watching this I need to check my eyesight.


Science is a thing of beauty and wonder :0)

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It’s lovely, isn’t it? A staple of the school-level Physics teaching I’ve been doing for more than two decades. If you search Pendulum Wave demo on the 'Tube, you’ll find loads more, including one done with giant luminous balls (as it were) in the dark in Ghent, and a computer simulation that explains the physics/maths behind it.

If you want a sound-related fun Physic video, find Nigel Stanford’s Cymatics: Science v. Music. If you can route the sound through a good system rather than tinny computer or iPhone/iPad speakers, it’s worth it. [it does have a slightly silly opening couple of sentences, but they’re easily ignored once the main thing starts]


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Love the Van de Graff (?) generator and the flames.

Good band!


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