Pi music player android question

When reconnecting with spotify or apple music in my car connected via bluetooth songs always restart from the beginning. If I use my pi music player the songs restart wherever they were turned off in the middle of the song. Is there a way I can have the songs restart from the beginning on the pi music player? Thank you in advance if this topic is in the wrong section feel free to move.

Maybe try the people who created the app?
https://pimusicplayer.com/ contact details at the bottom of their page.
I assume there isn’t an obvious setting somewhere.

Thank you for the fast reply. I emailed the developer a few times but never get a response. Also, I really don’t see a setting that would do this on the app. That’s why I thought maybe a guru would be on here.

If the app doesn’t allow it, then I think you’re stuck, at least with that app. It will be cacheing as it’s playing and clearly remembering what track and at what time point it was at.
I guess you could try another app and settle on one that has that setting, or default action.
There was an app I used to use on android, I’ll take a look later in my google play app list.

You’re probably right and thank you that would be appreciated.

Found it

Thank you I will check it out.

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