Picasa Replacement

Remember Picasa? Google’s photo managment s/w that scanned the file system and made all your photos easily available to view. It’s gone, so I’ve been looking about for a suitable replacement but the suggested options seem to concentrate on photo manipulation. Adobe Bridge keeps cropping up but the slideshow in it is a bit poor and is something that it also does. I want viewing to be its prime purpose.

Can anyone recommend a sutiable alternative, something that I can point at my photos folders and then easily view some or all of them?


Irfanview is pretty good if you’re on Windows

I bought a new PC months ago and found a Picassa download. Installed it and it works fine, even to the extent of copying the database from the old PC. If you want to stick with Picassa I’ll dig out the details

Thanks for these. Older versions of Picassa rang alarm bells but further digging based not least on your post Stevot has clarified it. Now reinstalled.


Glad it helped. I was searching for ages for a replacement but never found anything better. It does the simple things that I need well. Shame they killed the project. Cheers

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