Pics ‘From the Listening Position’

Too true my band are struggling to get bookings these days. Before lockdown we were turning down gigs as we were being offered too many. Pub and club bands are taking the brunt of the current economic crisis.
I am worried we are deviating from the OP thread so I will say no more.

Many pubs that have turned themselves into restaurants to make money are now shutting down their kitchens due to high costs and staff shortages. I wonder if pubs being pubs again might open up opportunities for then to host live music.


Let’s hope so. :guitar::guitar::guitar::crossed_fingers:

Yes, I much prefer such gigs - and dislike huge venues where you end up miles from the stage, watching on a screen, with sound out of sync… my favourite venue was the original Marquee Club in Wardour Street, London: it had a capacity of only about 400, yet big names played there (sometimes under pseudonyms). Great sound system, too. My young adult life waswithin easy travelling distance.


Looks like a great venue. Where was this?

Yes I saw U2 many years ago at Croke Park. We were sat at the back of the stadium dealing with two banks of speakers totally out of sync. Such a disappointment after a great day out in Dublin :beers::beers::sob:

Seconded. Small venues win for me almost every time. The Marquee was great.
My memory is, cough, cloudy of The Hope and Anchor in Islington, but was good iirc :melting_face:
Loved the 100 Club, but haven’t been in years.
Jazz Cafe in Camden, same.
Always preferred the H’smith Palais over the big place.

And (only been once) Union Chapel - apart from those pews!

Huge impressive venues, big stage, small performer stuff, nah…mostly. Stadia…I say nonono.


Yes, back in the day as well as Marquee there was 100 club, Half Moon Putney, New Merlin’s Cave Islington, and of course the Roundhouse Chalk Farm… And my local pre-18 watering hole, White Bear Hounslow. All within easy reach from my first homes in West London then west of London. The buoyant live music scene is tge one thing I miss from those days.


I recall the White Bear, Hounslow. Were you Hounslow Manor by chance?

The Half Moon is still there I think. There are also decent places in Richmond-ish, and there is always Cecil Sharp House for the folkies.

For great London venues of the past, I’d throw in The 12-Bar in Denmark Street and the back rooms of Cricketers and the Dulwich Tavern. Am I showing my age?

Also, are we drifting somewhat from the point of this thread?

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No, I commuted to school by tube.

Yes, but it’s really just another system pics thread, and I really don’t think we need two.

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Caravan listening position pic.
Sonos Beam currently playing Led Zeppelin- Houses of the Holy sounds pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:



Welcome to the Naim Audio community, Frank. I spy an Ovation lurking round the end of the settee. You could tell us about it in the Show Us Your Guitars thread, perhaps, and tell us what you like to play.

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Shaken not stirred obviously. Cheers





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6:1 Harris Gin:Vermouth and whatever olives and cocktail glass are at hand.