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where can I found a snaic pin diagram of all cables?I want to plug my 5 pins 180° Headline to an rca plug on my Norma Revo,to give it a try.I would need a soldering diagram to make a DIY cable.
Thank you.

SNAIC is a power lead that is not used with a HeadLine. Do you just mean the 180 degree 5 PIN DIN “interconnect” for connecting a headline to a source?

Because that is just basic non Naim specific wired for DIN record out. The PIN assignment for audio record out is even shown on the DIN Wikipedia page DIN connector - Wikipedia

Sorry feeling_zen!Yes I made a mistake,I meant the interconnect cable, the grey one with signal only 180 degrees 5 PIN DIN.
Thank you!

Your best bet here is to either track down a suitable RCA terminated Headline adaptor cable or make one yourself , that way you don’t have to butcher the Headline cable.

You just need an inline Female DIN plug a short length of suitable cable and a pair of RCA phonos.

Note that on the Headline DIN5 it’s the Record and not the play pins that are used.

Thank you Richard.I will bear in mind.

The Pin allocations for all DIN plugs can be found on the Internet…

DIN Plug on Wikipedia

You don’t have to look that far. The Naim manual or the back of a Naim pre-amp (Tape, AV, AUX1) tells you all you need to know.


Thank you!

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What a blind I am.Thank you so much Richard.Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you all.

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