Pink Floyd "Animals" 2018 Remix - out September & October

You may find that your Blu-ray player limits the s/pdif output to 48kHz.

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Hmm, I wonder if optical would be the same? John V always recommend using the coaxial output.

If the coax is limited then the optical will almost certainly be too. Which blu-ray player is it? Is there anything in the menus that allows you to change it?

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Hmm, I think I’ve been here before with discussing the use of SACD. It’s a Cambridge Audio CX UHD, the audio menu has s/pdif set at 192/24 and the screen info on the TV also shows that outputting. The NDX2 shows 48 kHz when using either the direct coaxial connection, or via the TV (which is HDMI from the bluray to the TV and optical from the TV to the NDX2).

Is the stereo track in 2 channel PCM?

I think so. The bluray audio setting is 192k LPCM for the s/pdif output. I’m selecting the uncompressed stereo mix 24/192 on the disc.

I think this is a bug with the UHD player. The NDX2 specs say the coaxial will take 24/192.

Yes, the NDX2 coaxial input should have no problem with 24/192.

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Just bought the Deluxe box set as it was reduced on the river.
The vinyl is better than my first copy but it is still very crackly on beginning of both sides for a couple of minutes.
Not sure whether to live with it or send it all back.
Very nice package though apart from the vinyl. It’s such a shame as otherwise it’s very good.

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This may be obvious (apologies) but…if there’s no physical damage (automatic return!), have you tried cleaning the record. My copy was scratch-free but plagued with dirt spots. Took me about three attempts, but they all came off and the record was then pop-free.
Should the record have arrived like that - of course not, but, contrasted with risking multiple returns, my copy at least was recoverable.

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Hi Stevie,

I gave it a pre clean with my VPI vacuum machine. Might try again. I can see some light scuff marks at beginning of side 1 but nothing much on side 2.
Both sides pretty crackly though for a couple of minutes. Will try further cleaning to see if it improves at all.

Thanks Prem.


Good luck with it, Prem.
Hope it comes good, but scuff marks sounds concerning…
All the best :pray:

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I don’t believe it! After two failed attempts last autumn to buy the deluxe edition box set both of which had to be sent back, I took a punt on a third set quite randomly and guess what! Not a pop, a click or in fact any kind of surface noise anywhere to be heard, how can this be, lol.



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I think that they press one perfect copy of each album, and you just happen to be the lucky punter - well done!

Quickly now, get it behind glass in a frame on a wall.


Cheers Pete, hope you and mrs Pete are keeping well?

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Yeah, i think it’ll maybe never get played again, maybe high res Blu-Ray will have to suffice from now on!

Well done :grin:
My standard copy (3rd attempt) is almost perfect, but seeing as I’m not hugely keen on the version, its unlikely to be played much :man_shrugging:t4:

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Huh. After several cleanings my copy in the deluxe box set did not improve so I returned it.
You got very lucky. I’m totally hacked off with this vinyl debacle.


Does anyone know if there has been any comment on the lousy quality of the initial pressings by the record company or the pressing plant?