Pink Floyd "Animals" 2018 Remix - out September & October

I think @TheKevster is your man. He’s got everything PF and have even interviewed he who shall remain nameless in the past.


@Ebor I’ve got the Blu-ray, which I’m very impressed with – the SACD should arrive from Diverse on Friday or Saturday. Once I’ve listened to it I’ll let you know which sounds best.


Just on the bluray. Is there any way to extract the 1977 hires files?

Are they not the same as the Qobuz hi res files?

I believe they may be and the same as the 2011 Amazon download. As I have the bluray I wanted to copy them to my nas and compare.

Im missing something . . . if this is from 2018, what’s different now?

Rog and Dave(id) finally stopped arguing about the cover art and released it.



I do see it on Qobuz now; is that a very recent edition to Qobuz?

We don’t get all new releases on Qobuz here but it was there a day before release in the UK.

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As no- one seems to have answered you with a simple yes or no I will - yes, you can extract the 1977 version in the same way as the 2018 version.

For reference the “2011” and “2016” mixes are the same thing. Initially remastered and released on “Parlaphone” in 2011, then reissued (with slightly different booklet I think) in 2016 on “Pink Floyd Records” (now with Warner, not EMI). The vinyl was mastered in 2016; there was no 2011 vinyl.

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Thanks for the info. I can rip the bluray to flac using bluray ripper but unfortunately it rips as one single file- not as individual tracks. Your answer gives me what I want though- is it a new unissued remix or a re-issue of an existing mix. Thanks.

There’s an app called DVD Audio Extractor that AIUI will rip to individual chapters. Not free though (around $38, IIRC)

Thanks. I don’t mind paying if it works.

The 2018 remix that was issued earlier this month (after years of delays caused by Covid and inter-band bickering) is completely new.

Yes, I was referring to the non 2018 hires (1977) on the bluray.

I received the box set on Sunday from a friend and I’m looking forward to listening to it. The LP and CD are easy enough but I can only play BluRay on my “cinema” system.
Unfortunately, it’s likely be a while, as my listening room seating is not best suited to someone recovering from spinal surgery after breaking my back… :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ouch Blyth, that sounds nasty. How are you getting on?


Heavens a broken back, that’s serious. Hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery. Take care. :+1:


Ooh sounds nasty…….keep us all posted🤞🏽


It’s a slow process, with lots of rest, physio has begun but it’s likely to be 6 post surgery (6 weeks off work) before I can really do anything much and it has been painful off the scale.
Much improving now but…
We live in a very old house with extremely high ceilings and I was re-fitting a roller blind to the bedroom window, with my feet 6 feet five above the floor on stepladders. The stepladders without any warning suddenly went to the left and I fell straight to the floor. Ouch.
9 days hospital and until the last few days, no mindset to even listen to music.
I can’t wait to get into listening to listen to music seriously again and, hearing this Pink Floyd album as well as XTC Drums & Wires LP which another friend gave me, will help lift my spirits!