Pink Floyd in HD

I tried Pink Floyd files on hd and didn’t like it…sound too bright and very sharp to me… I prefer 16/44



Any particular files?

Personally I thought that “Wine Glasses” sounded particularly fine.


How many glasses does one need to drink? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wine_glass:


Dunno, I lost count after the first couple.

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The 96/24 file of DSOTM (Qobuz) isn’t that bad at all, sure beats the 35 year old cd I own.

I have it 24/192 it`s sound very bright and sharp

I think there may be several different masterings out there, so it’s worth identifying the specific release to be sure people are talking about the same one…

I agree Pete, the 24 bit 2011 remix is my preferred DSOTM.
It seems the latest remasters are all a step up from the originals/previous.
As examples the 2011 DSOTM & also the outstanding James Guthrie 2018 Animals remaster, all have better/clearer definition detail & dynamics in most all areas. Detailed, yes, bright, no.
Looking forward to the 2023 DSOTM release


Pink Floyd in HD on quobuz are me go to plays if I can’t be faffed to put vinyl on!

Is it a remix or a remaster Mike?

Just bought the DSotM Experience Edition 2 CD from the auction site which I believe is a James Guthrie 2011 remaster - and sounds a d@mn sight better than my “original” CD. Now my “go to” version.

Playing the CD2 as I type - the “16 Nov 1974 Wembley concert” - absolutely magnificent, even running iTunes through EarPods!

It’s so good I am debating whether I should cancel my order for the forthcoming DSotM Live 50th. Surely it can’t get any better?

Remaster - my bad

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