Pink Floyd Live in 1972 - Beware!

Just as they did this time last year, the Pink Floyd organisation have just done a 50-year copyright protection dump on streaming services as well as download places such as Qobuz, Apple, HD Tracks etc. This time it’s live stuff from 1972. Most of it is just old audience bootlegs, plus some studio “outtakes” of dubious quality and provenance.

All of this is available for free on the net, or via YouTube or BitTorrent – and often in much better SQ, so please don’t pay for it.


What makes them think they’re that good? I’m Getting tired of hi rez re-issues, remixed and retakes that didn’t make the cut in the first place. A bit more bass on Animals is somehow breathtaking? Surely folks understand they are being milked while the getting’s good. Kids today don’t give a rats ass about Pink Floyd.


By the way, which one’s Pink?


Kids today also don’t have any money, so they can go whistle as far as the record companies are concerned.

Hifi nuts who are north of their half-century, on the other hand…


Agree, I was quite excited initially (as I love the 1972 Pink Floyd era), but the recordings sound almost unlistenable.


What a bizarre little rant @Petersfi , and completely irrelevant to the original post.

The 20 or so live shows PF released earlier in the week are nothing to do with hi-rez or remasters or anything like that. They are just a 50-year copyright dump. This involves releasing music recordings (mostly on streaming and download services) and then qickly deleting them in order to protect copyright once the 50-year EU limit is up. Lots of artists do or have done it – Beatles, Stones, Lou Reed, Dylan, and the Floyd.

If you’re “getting tired of hi rez re-issues, remixed and retakes that didn’t make the cut in the first place” then nobody’s forcing you to buy them, are they? Unless Rog, Mick or Macca have been round your house all tooled up, muttering stuff about “nice stereo system, shame if something were to happen to it…”, of course.

I wrote my original post to warn people in case they might think these are high quality archive issues and were thinking of buying them from HDT, Qobuz, apple or wherever. Although many of these 1972 performances are exceptional, the sound quality means that they won’t be of interest to anyone except collectors and completists (and they already have the shows anyway, and often in much better quality/lower gen recordings).


Shame and odd that this 1972 live dump doesn’t include Brighton 1972 as there are three pretty decent quality tracks from that show on the Dark Side Immersion box.

I did not intend to be critical of your post and appreciate your efforts to inform those who might consider buying the latest from the “organisation”

I stand by my comments though.


And I really like Floyd btw

I just had a look on Qobuz but couldn’t see any of it. Have they pulled them already or am I just not looking hard enough?

On my Qobuz (UK) you have to scroll down to the third Pink Floyd section of live recordings (beneath Albums and EPs & Singles), and then down back through the years to 1972.
In the Albums section there is just the studio outtakes one, which is indeed pretty dodgy.

Thanks, found them. I never usually venture that far down the page

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