Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon, 50th Anniversary Box Set

A March release for this bumper boxed set. It does look quite lavish, the remaster will be interesting to hear how it compares and what it bings to the original mix. Not cheap though! Lots more info over on Super Deluxe Edition.


The album has been newly remastered for this release and the deluxe box set includes both a CD and a gatefold vinyl version. A brand new Dolby Atmos Mix is included, along with the original 5.1 and the hi-res stereo, however these are spread across two blu-rays and a DVD which is an odd thing to do (The Beatles ditched DVDs for spatial audio five years ago and all this content would comfortably fit on one single blu-ray). The Quad mix (included in the 2011 Immersion box) does not feature and the unreleased tracks from that 12-year-old collection (the 1972 ‘Early Mix’ of the album and the extra audio tracks such as demos and the ‘The Hard Way’ from Household Objects) are also not part of this new package.


‘Original’ in this context, presumably meaning 2003 rather than 1973!

I do hope a standalone Blu-ray/DVD release is planned. There’s not a snowflake’s chance in a neutron star that I’m going to splash out for the whole box set.

If I do get anything, it’ll be a triple dip for me (I’ve got the 1992 CD and 2003 SACD) but I bet many of you will have more. Who’s going to take the crown for most versions of DSOTM?



Certainly not me. Original UK pressing, plus Mobile Fidelity half-speed, only.


Just the 3 for me.
Original, a vinyl remaster (1990 I believe) and the 25th Anniversary CD.
I fear a recurrence of the recent Animals release, with terrible pressings all over the map for this 50th Anniversary release, but probably will buy it :man_shrugging:t4:

Seems the only product on Pre-Order at the moment is the stupidly expensive “Deluxe Boxset” that’s full of peripheral “S}{1T”!
Hopefully, a simple LP Release will be announced in a couple of weeks, after Warner Music have milked the dedicated fan base for as much as they can get…


Yes, I do wonder how interesting all of the extras are going to be. Not sure I’ll be plunging for the full monty as its so expensive - had to think long and hard about buying the full Revolver boxed set and that’s one of my fav albums. If a stand alone single version is released then great, I’m in for that. Think I’ll stick to my 20th Anniversary edition, which I think sounds pretty good.

Not me , sorry but I just don’t get Pink Floyd.

Why not splash out?

Could be the best £20/30 you’ll ever spend…

Don’t you mean £215?!

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I’ve got 24 across various versions and formats, plus countless live versions on bootleg… :grimacing: :grimacing:


Ah, now, do live versions count separately or do we just count releases of the original recording?

The set looks nice, but is SERIOUSLY overpriced. I think I will wait this one out for a while…


I wonder if they’ll release the newly remastered LP as a single item for those who don’t especially want all the other stuff? Although I would be cautious after my recent Animals experience.

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Part of this release is the live DSOTM 1974 concert available as a stand alone vinyl for around £19 that you can preorder in the usual places. Reckon that’s fine for me. The box set is seriously overpriced IMO


That’s what I’m hoping for Clive.


Me too…
No ‘#’ though… :rofl:

Preordered the Live vinyl. I’ve got two mint A3/B3 copies so not interested in any remastered versions

You get a trade in voucher to remaster your ears as well before listening to it (again)

Likewise. Wouldn’t go for this until several reviews appear.

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@QuickSticks & @R.K This is the reason I’ve not plunged for the single LP album version of Animals either, although I’ve recently read a couple of reports of replacement discs being ok, so wonder if it was just the first print run being at fault and they’re ok now?

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Price is silly and the content is nothing materially new…. Such a shame ….

What I would really like is a one step MFSL audio vinyl - not that I hold out any hope of that!