Pink noise file not playing

Hi everyone,
I’ve made changes in my room and I’m trying to use Rew to measure the differences.

I’m using the same file from the same flash drive I used previously a few months ago. For whatever reason, the NDX2 now refuses to play it.

The only difference I can think of is that the NDX2 firmware has been updated since then.

I’ve tried rerecording the file and it still doesn’t play.

Has anyone else experienced this recently?

The NDX2 is only concerned about the file format (codec) FLAC, WAV etc., what is it ??

It’s a Wav file.

All other files on that flash drive play, but for some reason these pink noise files don’t.

No reason it won’t play & it did previously that I can think of other than if its a media server problem.
Do you mean its on a USB type flash drive.?

It might be worth converting the WAV to FLAC to see if that fixes a potential WAV file error.

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How are you recording it?

Yes it’s a USB flash drive. I’ll convert it to flac as suggested and give it a go.

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I’m doing it in Rew.

Just seems weird that it used to play and now it won’t.

It still plays in other players.

Any error message?

If you can’t get it to work, there are apps that will play pink noise etc. which you can cast to the NDX2 via Airplay or Chromecast. I use one called f Generator.

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Hmm. It is weird

Will normal music WAV files play ok?

No error messages and the sweep file I recorded plays fine.
It’s just these Pink Periodic files that don’t give sound.
Here’s a picture of the display when I try to play it.

I was hoping to use the exact same file and method of playback that I used previously, before I made changes in the room.
If it comes to it, I’ll just use an App, as per Chris’ suggestion.

All sorted.

It’s still won’t play the files that it did previously at 64k length. However, when I extended the sequence length to 512k, it now wants to play.

All I can think is that the last firmware update for the NDX2 stopped such short files from playing.

Thanks everyone.


You do need files that will play for at least two minutes anyway to do the measurements properly.

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Even though it was a short file, it can be played for as long as needed.

Quite looking forward to doing this again now.

We’ve fitted a slatted wall since the last measurements and I’m curious about the measured difference (it certainly sounds different)

I’m going to measure it tomorrow and then again when the Monster Bass traps with range limiters arrive from Gik.

Using gapless repeat I take it?

Haha, of course.

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