Pioneer Kuro issue

With no little irony no sooner has the forum disposed of home theatre as a topic than I finally need home theatre advice. This looks like the closest to an appropriate place to ask.

Long story short I have only recently upgraded to HD via my existing provider (Sky). However, I’ve not been able to get anything better than 1080i. I can see no settings within the TV menus that give 1080p as an option and none within the Sky menus. The highest option is 1080i. It’s surely not the case that Sky still don’t do 1080p?

This is a 50” grey import and actually contains all the tech of the 60”. Great great TV but where am I going wrong? Ancient but trusty Toshiba DVD player connected to Sky Plus 1TB box via Scart and Sky Plus connected to TV by HDMI. TV sound courtesy of Naim of course.

Any clues?

Mike, I’m not sure why you think that the Home Theatre Room has been disposed of - it’s still here! I’ve moved your thread accordingly.

Thanks Richard. The answer to that is that it’s not listed in the view I normally come into the forum. I can now see that it can be found under categories. Thanks again. Just need an answer now.


Sky HD box only outputs at 1080i

Sky Q 2TB can output at 1080p and 2160

It’s to do with interlaced and progressive.

1080i it’s a simple case of bandwidth cost versus the benefit to the viewer and there is no great benefit between 1080i and 1080p for broadcast quality HD.

Hope this helps.

UK TV is natively 1080i some boxes can output 1080p but it’s deinterlacing the material from 1080i the native signal is 1080i so it was backwards compatible with older tech and save on bandwidth.

Thank you both.

I’ve still got a Pioneer PDP-428XD and it’s only 1080i
At the time that was as good as most sources got :slight_smile:

The 42” was much pushed by multiple hi-fi dealers who were given a job lot to shift (I am simplifying) but the 50” was rated the best consumer tv on the planet at the time. The latter was much preferable on my wall but I’ve not really exploited its features until owning it for 9 years. Quote enjoying customising my 1080i.

I’m using the same Tv to watch 1080P Blu-ray movies. I think the Tv only displays the signal it’s being fed so unless you put a Blu-ray or equivalent through, at the moment 1080i is all you see.

Yeah, it’s a great Tv and it’s keeping me away from upgrading to a new larger screen 4K panel - for now!

Have to say that even before moving to 1080i I’ve struggled to find a better TV.

It’s so good that I’m quite relaxed about changing and instead enjoying seeing how the tech develops. Maybe next Christmas I’ll see about treating myself but I’d want a bigger panel than 50" which seemed huge 10 years ago during purchase. I’d want at least a 65" panel to use the 3m space between the speakers the current 50" sits. Maybe even 75 wouldn’t be a bad idea. They should be available at a decent price in 18 months or so.

Indeed. Dealers at the time all had a deal on 42” Kurdo and I’m glad I read up and researched and went for the 50”. Next time around 50” will likely be 55 or 60.

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